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Do you have a double chinNULL Here are a few tips to get rid of it.

Mother Nature's done a lot of good stuff, but one thing we could have done without is gravity. Since the day we stepped into our late teens, gravity has been pulling us down. And of all our body parts, none is more gravity-sensitive than the neck. Put on just a little weight, a few years, and the next time you look into the mirror you'll see a pudgy layer of flesh hanging below your chin. Ugh! The Birth of the Double Chin! What's even worse is you don't need to be overweight to get a double chin a lot of skinnies have them too, if their jawline is not very sharp and they don't exercise regularly.

From a health perspective, there's nothing dangerous about a double chin unless you are seriously overweight. Even then, the double chin is just a symptom of obesity, not a problem. But harmless or not, we women still find double chins unattractive. Getting rid of a double chin is not all that easy. The standard rules apply. Get regular aerobic exercise. Eat less fat and stay clear of crash diets, which do more harm than good. Here are some spot reducing exercises, which should help, but you will see better results if you combine them with a regular exercise programme.

Chin Up

Tilt your head back and open your mouth as though you were biting into an apple. Do this exercise 10-15 times every day for a firm chin and neck. And if you've always liked chewing gum, you've now got a perfect excuse. Chewing is good exercise for your jaw and chin muscles.


Stick out your tongue! If you enjoy pulling faces, you'll love this exercise. Extend your tongue to the tip of your nose. If you can't get there, go as far as you can. Repeat about 30 times.

Splash Out

Dip a few ice cubes in a mug of water and slap your neck and the area under your chin with this ice cold water. Do this about 15 times.

Different Strokes

Apply cold cream under your chin and stroke your neck from the base of your throat to your chin, with your fingers. Use firm, quick strokes.


1. Rotate neck slowly in a clockwise direction, and then alternate in an anti-clockwise direction.
2. Lie on your back with your shoulders lifted slightly off the floor. Rotate your head to the left and then right. Tilt your head reaching as far back with your neck as possible, keeping your shoulders slightly arched. Then tilt your chin forward toward your chest. Do this about 10 times.
3. Contract and relax your neck muscles. This firms your neck muscles and can be done any time of the day, at any place.

If you can't lose it, hide it!

Here are some great tricks:

  • Long hair draws attention to your neck - which is just fine if you have a long, graceful neck. But if you don't, the best cuts are those which end at or above the jawline. Short hair gives the illusion of a longer neck.
  • Wear dresses with low necklines. Avoid turtlenecks like plague. Open, broad necklines are more flattering for women with double chins.
  • Avoid chokers. Stick to long necklaces or those which sit at the base of the throat, but have drops.
  • If you apply foundation, apply one shade darker to the area below your chin. Blend it well with the rest of your face. This will draw attention away from your chin.
  • Cosmetic surgery should be a last resort. If you've tried everything else, and have money to burn, you can have your neck 'sculpted'. The plastic surgeon will make a tiny cut under your chin, suck out the fat that has collected there and sew the edges together.
  • Walk Tall: Hold your head high while you walk and keep your chin up. A good posture also makes your neck look more graceful and draws attention away from your double chin.

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Name: Mary
City:   Winona Lake
Comments:   Thanks for the suggestions, I've been searching the net looking for practical exercises to work the double chin area. I'm currently losing weight and it justs seems to emphasize the droops. Many sites I've gone to have been more for post-surgical or theraputic exercises for the neck. It seems to be a constant opinion that the neck rotation should not be done to avoid compression, but haven't we been relaxing that way for years! Thanks for your site!
Name: Nikoal
City:   nova scotia
Comments:   im only 15, 118 pounds and 5'6, when i seen this double chin forming when i shot a digi photo of me, i felt gross. Thanks for the tips, it should help nicely ;]
Name: Priya
City:   sg
Comments:   Cool Tips... Tanx ppl !!! I love tis website
City:   ARCHER
Name: youlanda
City:   New york
Comments:   another great tip is....wait you already said it hahaha thanks!!
Name: payal
City:   california
Comments:   i heard that sleeping on pillows can cause double chinsNULLNULL--can someone prove thisNULL
Name: nisha george
City:   Kerala
Comments:   This is a very very nice article. Actually I was looking for an article like this for long. Thanks alot.
Name: HotSeXXXeePunkie
City:   Toronto
Comments:   What can I do for the appearance of a double chin and puffy face due to WATER RETENTIONNULL When I'm not retaining water, my face looks nice, slim, and tight. The rest of me is quite slim and fit.
Name: sana
City:   karachi
Comments:   i´ve a big prblem ? My hands are very much havy as compare to all body ? plz tell me what could i do for my hand?
Name: hina
City:   virginia
Comments:   passt 2 years i am starting to gain weight and also i have a double chin wut should i do?
Name: ami
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i have a long chin can i make it short by any surgery
Name: Varun
City:   noida
Comments:   i would try these exercises and then comment on experience.Plz guide me for surgery in delhi if anybody has any idea
Name: shubha
City:   banglore
Comments:   opps i found it at happy to get ur tips n its fantastic.
Name: shiva
City:   punjab
Comments:   i am thin still i have larger chin on my makes the face look odd.what exercise should i do?
Name: mahesh
City:   kota (rajasthan)
Comments:   my chin(gal)is dip plz improve my chin
Name: firdos
City:   delhi
Comments:   i have double chin ... which makes my face look big .... kindly help
Name: Rahul
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Its really an awesome article
Name: Mathi
City:   oDpjryAqBQ
Comments:   actually no im not it was rellay rellay bad i was stuck having to face my neck all the way to the right n if i moved it at all it would be excruciating, it took me 2 hours to move it the middle of my body, basically centering it. what helped the most was pushing on a relaese point n relaxing in a bath so the warm water would relax my neck muscles. this one iddnt rellay help me.?
Name: Nanda
City:   DMzRtBnlQtEhoD
Comments:   LPB = Little Purple Book! (insert graphic of light bulb flsahing on) and thus, another piece of the rant at Finding Why, and here, yesterday. I didn´t realize when I read that, that you *are* morphing into (adding the hat of?) Independent Publisher, on top of the Author and Author´s Coach hats.Mazel Tov, my friend!

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