Get A New Look! - by Editor

Get a New Look!

Don't shy away from trying something new. Take the plunge. You may be glad you did.

Are you tired of your same old hairstyle Many women have had the same style for years and years, without experimenting or trying something new for the simple reason that they are happy with their present look. If they try a new style, they are afraid that they will mess up something good. If you are one of these women, realize that in the bargain you just may be missing out on a great style that could really look a whole lot better! And, you will never know! And one day, when you are pushing 70 and can do nothing much with your hair, you will look back and wish you had been a little more adventurous.
32-year-old Jasmine would love to cut her hair really short, but remembers the time when she had gone totally short in her teens, and it looked terrible. It is important that you don't base all your decisions on disastrous mistakes made many years ago. This may be surprising, but something which didn't suit you earlier may look smashing now. Similarly, although your present haircut looked great when you first had it ten years ago, it may make you look just a tad above mediocre now.
Somehow, with the passing years, things change, and we cannot count on the same hairstyle to keep us looking as good. Just as we feel great with an updated wardrobe, so also, we will feel great with a new haircut that looks perfect.
Naturally one of the biggest fears women have with experimenting is What if the haircut is a disaster, or What if the hairstylist doesn't give me the look I want.

Carry a photograph

Always carry a photograph of the hairstyle you have in mind, and show it to your hairdresser. It is far better to give the stylist a visual description of what you have in mind, rather than a verbal description.

Be realistic

Be realistic when selecting a style. Just because something looks great in a photograph doesn't mean anything. First, you need to make sure you have the same hair texture. A new haircut will not change your texture. So if your hair is ramrod straight and you like a wavy style, you may be disappointed at the outcome. Oh, your stylist will be able to replicate the waves without a problem, but you may not be able to do the same at home. On the other hand, if you have curly hair but iron it straight all the time anyway, you could opt for a haircut suited to straight hair. Similarly, if you get your hair permed regularly, you could opt for a curly style.

Go to the best

Always, always go to a good, trusted hair stylist, especially when changing your look. You want someone who knows hair, and his job, very well. Save up and go to the best you can afford. Remember, if you can get a great cut at the cost of an outfit, it's worth the expense.
If you are still hesitant about getting a haircut, you could get a fresh new look by simply adding highlights to your hair. Don't go for a colour radically different to yours all at once, or you may find you hate it. Go in for something a little more subtle, yet different enough to be noticeable. Highlights also dry out hair less than all over colour, since a very small portion of your hair is affected.
So, if you have had the same look for years on end, it's time for a change! Go for it, and see the pep it puts in your step!

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Name: Sunita
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I guess I am going to try hair highlights this weekend! :-)
Name: deepti
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi i have thin and short hair.wot should i do to get it good.i am thinking of curling it is that ok.but i dont know how to describe to the hair stylist.which is the best and economic parlour in hyderabad near to banjarahills to visit.
Name: Heli Shah
City:   Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Name: aubrey
City:   arlington
Comments:   I want to no HOW to straighten your hair really good. Like if you have to put something in it or anything please tell me because i really need help!
Name: Rajesh yadav
City:   delhi
Comments:   i want to know which hair style suits my plz tell me the address of saloons in delhi or gurgaon where i can know about my suitable hair style.nearby gurgaon will be my preference so plz tell me their address.
Name: vishal
City:   banglore
Comments:   hi my name is vishal i am 22 years old my hair is dry and it is caused thinning of my hair and i m becoming bald too give me some suggestion how to increase my hair and get rid of dryness in my hair
Name: govardhan
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Please give me the addresses of hair stylists in hyderabad and also the phone numbers
Name: Jens
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I would like to know if there is an hair stylist in Mumbai who checks what looks good (on the computer) as I have very rough hair (I cannot leave my hair loose), I am loosing lot of hair (it breaks not from the root but halfway). I want to cut it short but am scared it might not look good on me.
Name: mithra agarwal
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   Please give me the addresses of hair stylists in hyderabad/secunderabad and also their phone numbers
Name: nailesh
City:   delhi
Comments:   i too am planning to change my hair style but i havent found the right salon yet. it would be really great if u could help me out by giving me the names of the top hair salons in new delhi or noida.
Name: JoAnn
Comments:   I have always had long hair. I want to make a change but, everytime I go to the hair dressers, they could never suggest a style and whatever they do my hair always looks the same. Do you know of a stylist in Philadelphia that could help me. Please I'm desperate.c
Name: Subodh
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Would like to know hair stylists preferably located out of Fort, Sion, Chembur, Ghatkopar, Dadar who specialise in straightening hair and can also advise for hair strenghthening.
Name: indu
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i have curly hair n my problem is that i have broad forehead i want 2 straighten my hair so that it falls on my forehead n make it less visible n i m in great need of changing my look can u plz help me out by giving good hairstylist in hyderabad/secunderbad
Name: dipa
City:   bhuj
Comments:   plz give me address and phone number of hair stylist in gujrat
Name: P
City:   Delhi
Comments:   wht do u suggest abt permingNULL
Name: det
City:   makati city
Comments:   my hair is curly,dry,thick,and absolutely ugly and my face is full circle can u give some pictures of latest hairstyles pls. ur website is so cool thank god. pls. i want immediate reply t.y
Name: Nancy
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   I have very thin hair, a little below the shoulder. I am thinking of going in for a new hair style and not sure how to get one that suits me. I am slim,fair and height is 5ft 4 inches.Please suggest.
Name: neha
City:   baroda
Name: Shilpa
City:   Thane
Comments:   I would like to know about the good hair stylist in and around thane.
Comments:   I am smart with sharp features, fair, handsome, 75kgs. in weight, & height is 5ft 10 inches. got some modelling jobs. I have medium thin hair, my mailcontactID in yahoo is asimkhan_hero I have gone for my hair styles to some different saloons since long time am thinking of going in for a new hair style and not sure how to get one that suits me. Please suggest me which saloon is the best in different hair cutting styles as per the face & personality.

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