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Most men, when it comes to dressing up, are just no good at it. It could be because they are too kanjoos, too ignorant, just have a plain terrible sense of what looks good, or they just don't care because their mommies do all their shopping and they're just waiting for their wives to take over.

Men, get this into your heads. Women like guys who dress well. It's that simple. Not that you have to dress well only to impress women, but good, sharp dressing does create a good impression about you all around.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your way to dress success.

Where to go shopping

You don't have to go in for designer duds, but that doesn't mean you do all your shopping at cheap street. Go for a few good brands that don't cost the earth, but are of good quality. If you shop smart, you'll keep an eye out for sales, which are usually at the end of a season. So if you want to buy summer wear, go to the fanciest shop which sells high-quality stuff, sometime around October or whenever it's on sale. You'll be able to manage some great buys at half or quarter the price.

Quality Over Quantity

Remember these three golden words. Quality over quantity, always. Trust me, no one will care if you consistently wear the same three shirts, as long as they are really basic. Men can get away with it (lucky *&^#@s)! But if you wear something too flashy, it would definitely be noticed. So if you have a limited wardrobe, stock it up with really basic stuff.

Wardrobe essentials

  • Your wardrobe is incomplete without at least one crisp white shirt with a collar stay so you can wear it with a tie. Invest well and buy a good brand, which you can wear at work or out at night. Go in for button-up formal shirts, and stick to basic colours like blue and white. Once you've built up your wardrobe you can go in for more dramatic shades.
  • You can never go wrong with a V-necked knit t-shirt or sweaters with full sleeves. You can wear this by itself, or under a jacket.
  • Instead of the traditional banyaan, wear a short-sleeved white t-shirt under your shirts. Not only does this look better, but it also prevents underarm sweat stains on your crisp shirt.
  • It's better to have one pair of nice, expensive pants than several pairs of cheap pants. Repeat the mantra: quality over quantity. While men don't usually have dress pants and they would wear the same pair of work pants in the evening, one pair of dress pants wouldn't hurt. Opt for a navy blue pair.
  • Get yourself a couple of khaki pants for daily wear.
  • Stay away from pleats! Go in for pants with a flat front.
  • And, the most basic of them all blue jeans. Get yourself a standard pair of blue jeans. Don't go in for the ripped or faded look no matter how avant-garde it is, unless the trendy jeans are just one of your 7 pairs. Even then, standard dark blue jeans look the best, and these can always be worn out at night as well. Make sure they fit you well. They shouldn't be too tight or too baggy.
  • Everybody knows that the first thing a woman notices in a man are his shoes, and then, perhaps his watch. So you can imagine how important accessories are. Luckily for men, they don't need to invest in a dozen shoes as women do. Two or three pairs should do the trick. One formal pair, one casual, and one pair of sneakers are all you really need. Invest well in your formal shoes. They may be expensive, but if you wear them well they can last and last. There's just no excuse for wearing torn, worn out shoes.
  • Buy yourself the nicest watch you can afford without creating a big dent in your savings. Once again, don't go in for something too flashy or too sporty. A simple watch with straight, classy lines should do the trick. If possible, avoid the leather strap and go in for a silver strap.
  • Keep ties simple and basic. Don't go in for cartoony figures and the likes unless you want to look like a dork. If a certain style of tie is in fashion, get yourself one of those and wear it every once in a while.
  • And finally, for heaven's sake, no jewellery! No gold chains or gold bracelets. If you're married, you're allowed a wedding ring, and cufflinks are fine. If you have a kada, that's allowed too. It's alright to wear beads or a black thread with a pendant around your neck if you're going in for the baseball or basket ball player look, which includes loose shirts and baggy trousers, but unless you're a snappy dresser already (in which case what are you reading this for) it's possible to get this look wrong. It's best to just lay off the jewellery.

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Comments on Article

Name: Rahul Panjabi
City:   Pune
Comments:   Hmm quite correct ... I am a fashion designer myself and can see that Indiaparenting is really upto the mark.,,,, Great info for the naive,,,,
Name: sachin
City:   New Jersey, USA
Comments:   hi good one quite helping specially to make ur wife understand that i dont need to wear a braclet or any other jewellery
Name: Mansoor
City:   New Delhi, INDIA
Comments:   Very true, I agree with Sachin's comment.
Name: Mansoor's hubby, Sachin
City:   jekoff
Comments:   I am so glad you did :p
Name: Dereje Azmeraw
City:   Addis ababa
Comments:   hi i heared more about the style of waering good or looking smart to good attitued towards me .but now i need to have good fashioned style of wearing thank you .
Name: Kush
City:   Goa
Comments:   I think the article was great. I wanted to add something. If you wear casual clothes or khakis and a shirt, instead of jewellery, i would advise you to wear a small beaded necklace that can be seen just below your neck. Like the ones worn by surfers and ppl on the beach. It is trendy and kinda looks cool and if you're old can make you look younger.
Name: Puneet
City:   Chandigarh
Comments:   your tips are indeed very valuble. keep up with the good work! I specifically appreciate your inputs about skin care and acne mangement.
Name: samuel
City:   las vegas
Comments:   your articles will be of great help to understand mens attitude towards other personality.
Name: sunil kumar
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi this is sunil ! what should a normal guy who dosent have girl friends fill in his wardrobe NULL plzzz suggest me good clothes plus accessories . plzzz e-mail me .....
Name: DJ
City:   Rogers, AR
Comments:   I know your not supposed to wear jewellery, but is it ok if you wear a silver necklaceNULL You also have to take into consideration that I am only 15! I loved your artical! But I already dress like you discribed. I just have a silver necklace that goes to about my colar bone. Is it ok if I wear it or does it throw off my wardrobeNULL Thanks a million.
Name: Me Me
City:   Javan
Comments:   Throw the silver necklace off mate...the article was on the money in regards to true sofisticated modest fashion...jewelry is not a key point in men. Yet, with the million choices of accessories picking the right ones is essencial. The right watch, the right pen, the right card case, the right wallet, the right key ring, the right sunglasses and the right ring. Married or not, 1 ring is fine and the limit. Wedding rings usually go on the left ring finger yet at times clashs with the watch on the same hand....so....for best bet....nice watch on the left hand...nice 1 ring on the right hand (ring finger). You are balanced and good.
Name: Ted
City:   CA
Comments:   Good work!!
Name: Deepak
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   its too good & informative.
Name: RYan
City:   Singapore
Comments:   I look at myself in the mirror. The complexion was superlative terrible. I was extremely shocked to look myself a hapharzarded manner after reading the informations u have offered here. I thought enough was enough. I'd to do something about it. Sinceafter reading your informative newsletter, I started to buy accessories and do some grooming. i don't care abt my appearance after I read your informations. yeah agree that quality more than quantity,. For sure I 'd since looked more glamrmous. And I started to attracted more girls! Surprisingly and unbelievable, new friends started to crowded around from nowhere! Thanks a lot!
Name: ryan
City:   singapore
Comments:   Loved it
Name: Chris Gliston
City:   Switerland
Comments:   Gotta admit ur info is wondrous MARVELLOUS and GREAT !!!!
Name: Praku
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hai, I have surrendered myself to this site. Please suggest me with any good look dress.Whatever the dress I wear, I feel myself as somewhat ugly guy, b'coz it looks so aquard. Suggest me with any good looking dress for office use and for any party use. Thank u!
Name: alpesh
City:   palitana
Comments:   good work
Name: sujit
City:   mumbai
Comments:   exellent piece of work.
Name: ajit
City:   pune
Comments:   should men wear thongs

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