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Most of us spend money like water on face creams, moisturizers and anti-wrinkle lotions. And yet, when we reach the age of reckoning, we act surprised to see our hands staring back at us, wrinkled and spotted and we shake our heads as if to say - now when and how the devil did that happenNULL Let's start at the very beginning. Things would be a lot less complicated if we understood the simple fact that the hands and face are the first to show signs of ageing. They are the areas that undergo the maximum exposure to the sun and the elements. And plus, with all the work we do with our hands, it's no wonder they find if hard to escape the tentacles of age.

This said, it follows that these are the areas that need the maximum care and attention. Though the market is flooded with cleansers, toners, moisturizers, make-up removers, creams that claim to prevent wrinkles, reduce wrinkles, delay the onset of wrinkles and so on and so forth for the face, there is little else you can apply to your hands other than the

standard hand and body moisturizing lotion. And if you're really lucky, you might chance upon a hand cream. There's no need to despair though, as hands don't ask for much. All they really need is moisturizing - lots of it. (Of course, exercise won't hurt either!)

Keep a piece of lemon next to your hand-washing soap. Rub it over your hands at least once a day, before washing. This will help delay the onset of age-spots.

Make it a point to wear rubber gloves when doing housework like dusting, cleaning out a cupboard or arranging shelves. In fact, it is a good idea to wear cool cotton gloves whenever possible.

If you crack your knuckles, stop now unless you think wobbly fingers are a turn-on.

Long nails can look very elegant, but only if they are kept in shape. File them regularly with an emery board - steer clear from a steel file as it can wreak havoc. And remember, nothing looks as unattractive on hands than dirt under the nails. So if you can't keep nails clean, keep them short and simple. Hey, no one said looking good was easy!

Try some of these simple hand exercises:

  • Stretch your fingers wide and clap hard, so that your fingers of both hands are aligned - i.e. thumb to thumb, forefinger to forefinger. Not only is this yogic exercise good for the hands, it aids blood circulation as well. Don't do this in public though, unless you want to be mistaken for the alternate species of humankind.
  • Stretch your hands out in front of you, pull back curling in fingers with as much pressure as possible, as if you are trying hard to pull in something heavy.
  • Hold both hands in front of you with palms facing inwards, loosen their wrist grip and flap them backwards and forwards. Feel them tingle as the blood rushes to them.
  • Squeeze the tip of each finger as hard as possible for about five seconds. Any longer, and you'll be getting into acupressure - which is another story entirely.
  • Close your fingers and circle your wrists ten times in each direction.
Then of course there is always the alternative to visit your neighbourhood beauty parlour. Most parlours provide an intensive manicure which could last from half an hour to an hour, in which you get a full cleansing and moisturizing treatment by the use of hand masks, followed by a hand massage. No, you say. You prefer lathering on hand cream every chance you get to sitting in a parlour staring at the roof for an hour while you get waited on hand and foot for one simple reason: You have a life. (Which means, in sour grape terminology, you have a job, a million other things to do and don't get the time.) Well, if only you knew how appealing a beautiful pair of hands is, you'd make sure you take out the time.

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Name: maleeha
City:   islamabad
Comments:   My nails are very weak, and break very easily and the growth is very slow. I would appreciate any kind of advice. Thanks :)
Name: suzzy
City:   New York
Comments:   i have split nails and i can't heal them with any lotions are ther any home made equips that i can use to solve my problem laters
Name: bess
City:   barton
Comments:   nail bitting very bad, have done this since a child
Name: ray
City:   gabs
Comments:   hi!! my knuckles and elbow and toe skin is dark. pls. let me know what i can do so that it returns to normal colourNULLNULLNULLNULLNULL
Name: Jai
City:   chicago
Comments:   Weak, brittle, or splitting nails are usually caused by poor diet or other existing health conditions. High protein usually makes for better nails. There are of course other thing (like a good multi-vitamin) that will help you grow long, strong, healthy nails. =-) At the moment I can't think of specific vitamins off hand... other than picking up the ones that say "hair, nails, and skin". Soaking your nails in warm milk, and applying warm oil to your nails and cuticles is supposed to be good. But a simple search on the internet should turn up a lot of other little tips you can do yourself at home. Try searching on ediet.com (or is it ediets.com?). They have a newsletter as well that they send out every so often with little at home beauty tips that you can try. =-) Hope that helps. =-) Oh yeah... also... making sure that you use lotion after you put your hands in water. Whether it's washing the dishes or just washing your hands. Not only will your hands get dry if you don't.... but it will also dry out your nails! Gold bond makes a niiiiiice cream (Gld Bond Ultimate Healing Skin therapy Lotion). And you might want to check out some polish by Sally Hansen. I personally like "Get Thick: multi-vitamin nail builder" (orange bottle) and "Diamond Strength: instant nail hardener". They're both really good, but nothing can beat the proper diet. It also couldn't hurt to talk to your doctor about it. =-) *~Peace and Blessings~*
Name: samina
City:   london
Comments:   my nails used to be very very weak. i could peel the layers off them so i decided to drink plenty of water. this helped a LOT so now i have hard healthey nails.
Name: sonia
City:   ahmedabad
Comments:   hi my problem is that my hands looks darker then my m face n looks horrible even my underarms are dark what should be done give some strong suggestion coz i tried maxium remedies bt it works for certain period then it despires,one thing more my skin is very sensetive as i go out in the sun in no time it gets tanned thanx
Name: Shonta
City:   rocky mount
Comments:   my nails grow long then after a couple of weeks they break one by one and then they grow back in two weeks and the process starts again
Name: Ezmeth
City:   Sg
Comments:   Hello! My knuckles and elbow and toe skin is dark. Pls let me know what i can do to have it return to normal colourNULLNULLNULLNULLNULL Thanks a million :)
City:   Kuwait
Comments:   i am medium fair but skin on my feet and hands i mean knuckles are very dark also my knees are dark what is the remedy how to change its colour pls advice
Name: Maria
City:   Manila
Comments:   Hi, My problem is my hands and feet are sweating most of the time.Is there any cream, lotion or anything could help to prevent it from sweatingNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULL Please advise. thanks
Name: Stacey Carber
City:   anchorage
Comments:   my knukles look dark and dirty all the time and also under my eyes, underarms, knees, and elbows. what can i do to get this dirty look off my hands. thanks
Name: sagar
City:   chennai
Comments:   any tips on toe nails pleaseNULLNULLmore than hands,its the nails of feet that gets worse ...i would like to have some suggestions on that
Name: Jayjay
City:   Ponteix
Comments:   How do you make nails grow faster and strongerNULL... Every time i get long pretty nails they brake of chip...
Name: najmakhan
City:   abbottabad
Comments:   any tips for hands vain beacuse my hands are ful of this i work very very hard like men so thts y i got plz help me.i am so worry
Name: ouch
City:   karachi
Comments:   ppl who have problems with dark elbows and dark skin behind their neck should take 3 table spoons of milk and a left over half lemon which is used just add 4 drops of lemon and turn the lemon peel inside out and drip in the milk and apply it on ure darken area´s do this each 20 mins before going in for a shower and once ure done with the shower moisturize ure skin it will help u
Name: fxpvrh ewikhajxg
City:   jxgw
Comments:   rauwktixh jcghtrf wnoeyz jhoy yuzl iakvo hekwxu
Name: bufhdseg zdhc
City:   ejpc
Comments:   rfqeuwts mxpobu oqyagb efhzxa mlpzkd yeqvtxnj shet qict lueoph
Name: abc
City:   hyd
Comments:   use nice soap
Name: Rekha
City:   Netherlands
Comments:   skin on my knuckles (only in right hand) are hard and they also look and feel very rough. i do apply moisturiser (Moisturex) regularly. is there anything else i can do to make them look soft and supple.

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