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It is universally accepted that we need to cleanse and moisturize our skin regularly, but do we really need to use a tonerNULL

To tone or not to toneNULL

Although it is universally accepted that we need to cleanse and moisturize our skin regularly, opinion is divided on whether we really need to use a toner on our skin. Most women simply skip applying a toner because they don�t understand what it does. Does it clean the skinNULL You use a cleanser, why do you need a tonerNULL Does it remove traces of cleansing lotionNULL You clean your face with a face wash�

Why do you need a tonerNULL

The first and most important job of a toner is to restore the skin�s natural pH balance. The skin has a pH balance of 5.5, while water can have a pH balance as high as 9.5 depending on where you live and on how hard the water is. After washing your skin, your skin�s pH balance is completely distorted and your skin starts working overtime to restore pH levels; a process which may take up to half an hour. On the other hand, if you use toner, pH levels are restored in an instant. Your skin is now prepared for the moisturizer.

What toner should I useNULL

Certain toners clarify and exfoliate the skin, leaving it completely oil and dirt free and removing all dead skin cells. Such toners are strong and tend to contain alcohol, which is ultra-drying. If your skin is very oily using a stronger alcohol-based toner like Clean and Clear should help reduce the oiliness, but there is a possibility that it could also cause more break-outs. The over-drying action of stronger toners causes skin to react by producing excessive oil to combat the dryness, leading to more breakouts. It is thus safer to use an alcohol-free toner. Different skins react differently though, so it is important that you stick with a regime for a couple of weeks before you can tell whether a particular product suits your skin or not.
If your skin is normal to dry go in for a gentle toner that doesn�t exfoliate the skin but moisturizes it such as Nivea Alcohol-Free Moisturising Toner. Or you could go in for a toner with anti-ageing properties.

Natural option

: One of the gentlest toners is natural rosewater. Splash it on your face to keep face moisturized, fresh and to balance pH levels. This may not be ideal if you have oily skin, but since it is so gentle, it may provide you with just the right amount of moisturizing level you need.

How should you apply tonerNULL

If you apply the toner directly on your face without using cotton, your bottle will last longer. Exfoliating toners do need to be applied with cotton wool, but moisturizing toners can be just splashed on your face. Apply toner to a cotton ball and sweep it GENTLY across your face. The cotton wool should come out relatively clean when toning. If it doesn�t, you need to change your cleanser; it�s not doing its job.
There is also the temptation to scrub your face clean with toner every time it feels dirty, which should be avoided. This is why you should use these toners only after cleansing, when your skin is already clean so your toner functions as a toner, not as a cleanser.

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Name: lili
City:   ethiopia
Comments:   It is really a good article fot those who don't know about toner.
Name: jilian
City:   Abbtosford
Comments:   I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!! i had no idea what toner was even for and this was the only place that actually said exactly what it did..
Name: janni
City:   india
Comments:   i have oily pimple-prone skin which gets dry in winters . i use mosteriser but i get pimples from lotus alpha-hydroxy mosteriser please tell me what brand will be good for me. and how can i make my skin stop looking so dull and dry in winters. and what kind of face pack will u recommend.plz help!
Name: Jeremy
City:   wichita falls tx.
Comments:   i have tried the proactive but its three step thing just doesnt work all. all it does is delay the pimples. hardly ever clears them up
Name: richa
City:   mumbai
Comments:   it's really very nice article about toner it really helps who doesn't know about toner, but for oily skin is it helps .
Name: Pamela
City:   Ft. Polk
Comments:   Your artical on toner was great, I too was not sure what the purpose of using a toner was for.
Name: angela
City:   windhoek
Comments:   im glad i stumbled on this article. its really an eye opener!
Name: Ms O.ILY
City:   Durban, South Africa
Comments:   Nice read - short, to the point. I bought Nutrogena range - would like to put out a hit on the sales lady because i didnt friggin work. Some toners actually add to the oil problem. Thanks though!.
Name: mithra
City:   bangalore
Comments:   pls do suggest a suitable toner for oily skin as u say that clean n clear may also cause exessive oil secretion. waitin for ur reply..
Name: a r
City:   IL
Comments:   how many times do we have to tone r faceNULL
Name: Aliesh D. Pierce
City:   long beach
Comments:   I am a skin therapist and I have to let you know that the PH issue is old theory. If you are using cleansers that throw off your PH, you must be making it yourself... Companies today are aware of keepin the skin in ballance. So toner os actually simply a prep for your moisturizer and a humectant throughout the day. Look for these key ingredients: NaPCA=Humectant, Witch Hazel=Antiseptic, Essential oils 9in hydrosol form) like Lavender and Chamomile= Soothing.The right toner will help carry other products deeper into the epidermis and that's about all. And they do work.
Name: shericia
City:   barbados
Comments:   This was very informative, i must say . Thanks for the info
Name: nivetha
City:   chennai
Comments:   really cool article
Name: meerat
City:   dubai
Comments:   its such a good article especially 4 those like me who previously did not know abt tonning
Name: meerat
City:   dubai
Comments:   its such a good article especially 4 those like me who previously did not know abt tonning
Name: Tony
City:   Bangkok
Comments:   very informative articles, thanks.
Name: Jennifer
City:   Jamaica, W.I
Comments:   Lovely article.Very informative. Thanks.
Name: shana
City:   Kingston, Jamaica
Comments:   I've also read that lemon juice and water can be used to tone, as well as apple cidar vinegar. Can anyone verify this?
Name: roopa
City:   usa
Comments:   ur right ,i am using the clean and clear toner and i am having lots os breakout.thank u for informing,i wont use it .Excellent job.
Name: priya
City:   nagercoil
Comments:   i have started using toner . thanks .

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