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Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Hair straightening can give you a beautiful mane of silky hair. However, it may not prove beneficial for the health of your hair. So, before you undergo hair straightening treatment, be aware of its side effects. Take a quick look at the top 10 side effects of hair straightening.

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Hair straightening is a part of fashion and hair styling these days. However, it is also true that hair is susceptible to chemicals and heat, which is applied to straighten frizzy hair. It happens that straightening of hair does more damage than benefit to your hair. So, you should be aware of the potential damage that hair straightening does to you.

Hair can be straightened at home or in salon. In any case the straightening is done on temporary basis and so it is done repeatedly. Chemicals are used for straightening hair in salons along with hair dryers and straightening irons. The curlier the hair is, more these products are used and the damage done is comparatively more.

What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Straightening?

Listed below are the other risks associated with hair straightening.

1. Permanent Hair Loss
One of the biggest risks associated with hair straightening is permanent hair loss. Using hair straightening iron and chemicals frequently can permanently cause damage to the hair follicles which can cause permanent hair loss.

2. Hair Fall
The application of heat and chemicals can weaken the hair follicles causing hair to start falling.

3. Dryness
The heat generated by the straightening irons can completely ooze the moisture out of your hair making it excessively dry.

4. Lifelessness
As the moisture is completely seeped out of the hair after straightening it becomes lifeless and dull.

5. Stunted Hair Growth
Due to the frequent hair straightening the cuticles of hair are damaged causing stunted hair growth. The rate at which hair grows is stunted.

6. Itching in Scalp
The natural capability of the scalp to produce oil is hampered due to the death of the hair follicles. As the moisture in the scalp starts reducing, it starts experiencing symptoms like dryness, itching and flaking.

7. Irritating
When some products that are used during the hair straightening process come in contact with skin, nose or other body parts can cause irritation.

8. Split Ends
The damage and breakage of the hair may result in the occurrence of split ends which may cause your hair to look unattractive.

9. Allergic Reaction
Certain chemicals in the hair straightening products may not suit your skin leading to allergic reaction.

10. Development of Poor Hair Structure
The natural structure of hair is permanently damaged. When the new hair grows from the scalp the overall structure of the hair looks poor as the structure of the straightened hair is dull and dry and new hair that grows above it is natural. The actual effect of the chemicals and the dryers is that they make the hair dry and that makes it brittle. The hair can get extremely damaged and in some cases they get burnt also. The negative effects that occur are relatively much higher than the other styling done to your hair.

If you are choosing hair straightening process done at home, select the dryer or the straightener that is based on ionic systems. The main reason is that their heating surface is non-sticky and causes less damage to the hair.

Precautions to Prevent the Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Use the dryer and straightener occasionally and sparingly. Make sure your hair is conditioned, dry and you should also coat it with heat protective product before you use a straightening iron. Make certain that the iron is not too hot and apply it to hair in small portions. It is better to move the iron gently down the hair and then leave it slowly. If the outcome is below your satisfaction level, you can follow the process all over again. But never ever stop the iron on any part of the hair.

Remember, if the damage is done to the cuticle, it is irreversible. You will not be able to do anything after that. So, it is always better to take precautions when you use styling products or go through treating your hair in a different way. Do not use the iron when your hair is wet. Before you use the hair straightening iron, make sure you test the heat so that you get assured that it is perfect for your hair.

Straightening of Hair at Home

When you straighten your hair at home the results are not like what you get in a salon. It is rarely sleek and smooth. Over processing may cause damage to the hair and under processing will not give you proper results. You will have to choose the right combination well. The thinning of the hair causes breakage and uses a deep conditioner when you shower your hair. This will prevent hair damage to some extent.

Although, it is not certain that a hair straightener will cause damage to your hair, in any case it will make your hair brittle. The main damaging products are the chemicals and the heat applied to the hair. If you want to get your hair straightened, you should approach a good salon that has experience and expertise performing this process.

You can have that silky straight hair and minimize the damage if you use the chemical and the iron it less frequently. To give your hair a break, try other styling ways. Use hair repair cream along with the hair conditioner at least once in a month. If you follow these precautionary methods, you will be able to get the hair you like and that too not at the cost of your crowning glory. Do you know what the side effects of hair straightening are? Are you aware what damage is done to your hair by the process of hair straightening? Do you want to know how to prevent damages by hair straightening? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Name: Pallavi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I read your article. Thanks for all the information. I was planning to go for hair straightening and now I know about the side effects and precautions. It is good for my knowledge and I will be able to give instructions and take precautionary measures easily.
Name: Pallavi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I read your article. Thanks for all the information. I was planning to go for hair straightening and now I know about the side effects and precautions. It is good for my knowledge and I will be able to give instructions and take precautionary measures easily.
Name: Hemani
City:   Nagpur
Comments:   Your article is really nice but I do not agree that hair straightening damages the hair. I had it done few months back and I only have occasional hair fall, which is natural. May be this happens because of choosing a cheap salon to get your hair straightening done. If you go to renowned salons you will have it done professionally and efficiently
Name: Shalini
City:   Udaipur
Comments:   After reading your article I came to know that my hair fall is due to the hair straightening I went through few months back. In fact the first time it did not have any effect but it is the third time I went for the process and I observe severe hair fall. I had to do it frequently because one day I had to wash my hair with cold water and my hair curled up. I will have to treat my hair now.
Name: Bhavna
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   I had a great experience of getting my hair smoothened... its so easy to manage and love the new look. In fact if anything, my hair´s quality feels better!
Name: priyanka
City:   dhanbad(jharkhand)
Comments:   after hair straitening, my hairs becomes very rough within 2 months. so please susgest me some precaution so that my hair becomes soft.
Name: chirag
City:   kolkata
Comments:   I hadn´t done straightening to my hairs... but i am thinking to do it. i grew my hair quite long for this day.. i read your article felt good and i observed that straightening should be done through known good hair saloon..
Name: Archana
City:   Madurai
Comments:   I have a curly and frizzy hair.I am using ceramic flat iron(philips Rs.1800) for about three months. I use it daily on my hair. My hair care regime is. I take hair bath once in 3days. I apply hair oil atleast 5hrs before i take hair bath. I then use a hairpack made of green gram and fenu greek powder two sppons each, one egg, two spoon gingelly oil, one spoon badam oil, one spoon oil oil. i leave the hair pack for about half an hour. I´ll then wash using a shampoo for dry hair and then i use conditioner and leave it for about ten minutes in hair and then i wash it away. I allow my hair to dry naturally. then i flat iron it and it takes around one hr. I then apply a hair serum. Then for the following two days i just use the flat iron for about ten minutes to make it settle in place. Then i repeat my hair care regime. everyone envies my beautiful hair. I just love the flat.My hair is still fine and not that damaged. if you flat iron take care of your hair.
Name: anil joshi
City:   delhi
Comments:   thanks for guidance...i am thinking for straightning for my hairs.
Name: Je
City:   UK
Comments:   It actually depends on the straightener and hairspray. However, continous hair straightening like you said, will damage hair. I recommend using a GHD straightener and Supersoft hair products.
Name: zinia
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   Thans for your guidance.I´m applying straightning before few days and i feel that after useing a straighnter my hair is looking roughly so please suggest me some precautions so that my hair becomes soft.
Name: dua
City:   karachi
Comments:   thnx for your guidance.I´m applying staghtening before few days and i feel that after straighning my hair becomes looking so roughly so please suggest me some precautions so that my hair becomes soft.
Name: dua
City:   karachi
Comments:   thnx for your guidence.I´m applying staighning before few days and i realize that after staigning my hair becomes roughly so please suggest some precausions so that my hair becomes so soft
Name: mathan
City:   Chennai
Comments:   hello... i want to know side effects of strighting hair. if i did. which side effects i will get?
Name: shyamalee
City:   vizag
Comments:   i have done permanent hair is gone within 2 months.and i am badly effected by hair spa will stop my hair fall? or any other treatmet?
Name: Reshma mohite
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i want my hair healthy & soft , want to be cure hair loss , i want to make straightening so pls suggest me any natural or ayurved treatment & straightening
City:   Rio Grande
Comments:   Hack again?!
Name: Raisy Francis
City:   mananthavady
Comments:   i was not aware about the side effects of hair i got an idea about it.thank you
Name: suruthi
City:   thanjavur
Comments:   hai i have short hair.but ineed hair after straightening my hair grow or not.
Name: geethika
City:   chennai
Comments:   preferbly advice is good

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