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How to Stay Stress Free At Work

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Work and stress are two sides of same coin. Though you cannot separate stress from work, staying stress free at work is possible. Read on to find more about the simple ways to stay stress free at work. Try out these simple tips and find out if you are able to stay stress free at work.

Do you feel stressed at work sometimes? You are not the only one because today, many people are facing pressure at workplace and there are many reasons behind this. However, the fact is that stress will not only lower your performance level but also hamper your health. There are ways that can help you stay away from stress.

Tips to Stay Stress Free at Work

Here is how you can stay stress free at work.

Love What you Do and focus on it

This sounds a bit awkward because after all you are not a student who is asked to focus on studies. But in reality, if you focus on the work and responsibility that you have been given, you will feel less distracted and have positive results too. This will help you keep a positive attitude towards life and probably your boss will also not get annoyed or irritated once he observes that there is no pending work on your desk. Whenever you feel disturbed by any element, just recall why you had decided to do this job. This will help you get recharged once again.

Choose your Friends Prudently at Work

There is an old advice that you should choose your friends very carefully and wisely. This is more applicable at your workplace than in the college or school. Stay away from people who create issues and dramas. If someone is very polite and buttery to you, be careful from him. Keep your workplace and home and relations separate. Be good to all and uncover your thoughts only when you are sure of the confidentiality.

Lunch Break

Pay attention to what you eat during the lunch break. It is good to have a light but healthy lunch when you are in office. After all you have to work after finishing your lunch and you should not look sleepy or lethargic just because you had a heavy lunch.

Personalise your Desk

If you keep pictures and art pieces of your choice near your workplace, they will fill in positive energy in you always. Change them often so that you find the place and the environment new and full of energy always.

Keep personal Emails and Messaging Away

Try not to reply personal emails and messages when you are at work. If you receive any message that is urgent, call the sender and learn about the urgency. Make sure your family members are aware that you are busy at work.

Play Soft Music

If you can, play soft music in your area. Make it low so that other people do not get disturbed. This will help you stay away from negative thoughts and will also help you concentrate on your work.

Research your Stress Relieving Element

Stress relieving does not follow any hard and fast rule. Some feel relaxed by concentrating on their work, some like music while some like to take a short walk. It is good to find out what makes you relaxed and do that at intervals. Make sure that does not hamper your actual work.

Follow these tips and you will find a difference all around you. Just keep in mind, stress at workplace is normal and it will remain there in low or high intensity. It is up to you how you handle it. You can also take refuge in yoga and pranayama and do some of the relaxing asanas in the morning so that you remain stress free the whole day.

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Adewale.5 years ago
Our focuss in life can be what drives us towards a negative experience of stress.
If we are often driven towards survival alone, we are more likely to take on board the negative behaviour of other work colleagues. if on the other hand, we are driven by our need for improvement, we spend more time noticing, finding and reacting to oportunities.

Adewale Ademuyiwa
The true source of stress is our interpretations of life events as opposed to life itself.
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