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Progeria Disease in Children

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Read about the disease progeria and learn all about this terrible disease. Find all facts and information about progeria. Progeria is a rare abnormality and causes premature ageing in the children affected by this disease. Ageing takes place very rapidly in children suffering from progeria.

Auro the adorable eleven year child affected with progeria from the movie 'Paa' has won the heart of millions worldwide. Ever since, there has been much curiosity and discussion about the disease progeria and everybody is eager to know more about it. Here are some facts about progeria disorder in children.

Facts about Progeria

  • Progeria is a rare disorder characterized by premature ageing in a child. Dr. Jonathan Hutchinson recorded the first case of progeria in 1886 and the second case was recorded by doctor Hastings Gilford in the year 1904. Progeria disease is also known as the Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.

  • Progeria is a very rare disease affecting one in 4-8 million births.

  • In this disease accelerated ageing takes place in a child causing the child to age seven times faster than the normal rate. So, a child of seven years afflicted with progeria would look the age of seventy.

  • There are some symptoms of progeria like baldness, growth failure, aged looking skin, loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, loss of hair and body fat, hip dislocation, large head for size of face .These are some of the physical characteristics which can be seen in children suffering from progeria. Children suffering from progeria are short in height, have protruding eyes and a narrow face.

  • The cause of Progeria is that there is a mutation in the gene that encodes the protein Lamin-A.

  • Children suffering from progeria start showing signs of ageing from as early as eighteen months.

  • The mental growth and development in children suffering from progeria is same like normal children. So, a ten year old suffering from the disease would have the mind of a ten year old but look aged.

  • Children suffering from progeria suffer from most of the heart problems that normally old people face like high blood pressure, stroke, enlarged heart and heart disorders.

  • Being affected by progeria is not restricted to any one sex. It affects both boys and girls equally.

  • Cases of progeria have been seen in many different countries from all over the world which shows that progeria does not affect only a particular race or people from a particular country.

  • Experts believe progeria is not hereditary .Also, the kids affected with progeria do not live long enough to get married and have children.

  • There is presently no treatment for progeria although researchers and doctors say they are close to finding a treatment. There are treatments available for the symptoms, but no cure has been found for the disease in itself.

  • Progeria has had only about 40-45 cases in the world so far.

  • India also has a case of progeria. In the state of Bihar in India, Bisul Khan and his wife Razia Khatoon have a total of seven children of which five are suffering from progeria. Thankfully, two of their children have been born normally. Of the five afflicted with progeria, three of the children are already dead. What makes this family unique is that it is the only case in the world where one family has five cases of progeria.
The Bollywood movie 'Paa' starring Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Amitabh Bachchan as the progeria patient has raised awareness about the disease progeria and brought into light this severe and fatal disease.

Progeria is a terrible disease to be affected with and takes away all the joy and fun associated with childhood. The plight of these children is pitiful and hopefully a cure is found soon.
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Ann.2 years ago
its a heartbreaking disease. i cant imagine how hard it must be for parents. just by reading and looking at few pictures of kids made me cry. great RESPECT to parents and lots of love.
Happy singh.3 years ago
it must be very difficult for parents whose child has progeria. There should be a permanent cure for this diseases so that the parents and the child lead a normal life.
sudhakar.3 years ago
The movie 'Paa' superbly displayed the pain of parents whose child has progeria. Indeed a superb movie. more such movies on realistic issues should be made.
Vidhya.3 years ago
never heard of this disease till i saw 'PAA'movie. superb acting by all
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The article is a good one.The images of the children suffering from progeria is very sad.This condition is very rare and I was reading an article about one of the boys who said that he wished he could...
The movie ‘paa’ is supposed to be excellent. The reviews of ‘Paa’ which I have heard from my friends is very good. It is good that the director Balki has brought into light this illness. Nobod...
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