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Diet for 2 Month Old Baby

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You need to take proper care while feeding your 2 month old baby. As a mother you need to understand the feeding pattern for your 2 month old baby very well. Read on to know more about 2 month old baby’s diet.

Infants are very delicate and need extreme care. If you are a parent, you must be aware that how careful you have to be when you deal with a 2 month old baby. Right from the diet for 2 month old baby to the way you attend her, everything has to be done properly and consciously. Although the diet for a 2 month old includes only mother’s milk, you can also add something after consulting the doctor.

2 Month Old Baby’s Diet

  • Normally when the child is deficient of something, the doctor gives some health tonics suitable for the age of the infant. Infant nutrition is concerned with only the fact that your infant gets proper and complete nutrition at least for the first year. Nutrients include calories, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins. Usually the child is fed with mother’s milk and the doctor prescribes some tonic if needed.
  • The mother needs to take care of herself and she should make sure that the child is properly fed. The 2 month old baby has to be fed frequently. The main problem arises when the child does not get mother’s milk for one reason or another and she is fed with artificial or cow’s milk. In these circumstances you have to see that the child is able to digest the milk properly and her weight is growing gradually and normally.
  • Get your baby checked up regularly and if her growth is not as expected, consult your caregiver and doctor and follow his suggestions.
  • If you want to introduce any food item, consult your doctor first. It is advisable that the child should be given new foods only after the completion of 3 months and it should be added one food in 2 – 3 weeks. Let the child and her digestive system get adjusted with the new food and then add another one.
  • An infant needs 18 – 32 ounces of breast milk in his first 3 months. You should increase the amount gradually and very slowly so that by the end of 3 months your child is fed with 32 ounces of milk approximately.
  • You should not add any kind of cereal or starchy food item to a baby who is below 3 months of age.
  • Do not feed the 2 month old baby with plain yogurt or, eat, poultry, cooked beans, eggs, peanut butter and so on.
  • Water – most of the infants get the water they need through the breast milk with which they are fed. Water is given to a 2 month old baby only when she has diarrhea or the weather is extremely hot.
  • You can expose your 2 month old baby to morning sunlight for some time so that she receives vitamin D from sunlight.
  • If the water that is supplied is low in fluoride, the infant may need fluoride supplement. You should consult about this with your doctor.
  • If the mother is strictly vegetarian, the infant may need supplement of Vitamin B12.

Remember you are the best judge for your child’s care because you stay with her the whole day and you are aware of all developments and changes. You can discuss with your doctor if any abnormal change is seen in your infant.

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Fishaen.3 years ago
this article is the one which i had been searching for since a long time. I have poor milk production so i am unable to feed my baby properly. You diet tips are great for me
Riddhi.3 years ago
i do not think that babies need any other food than breast mi8lk during the first three months after birth. Breast milk is sufficient for the baby
Hari Prasad.6 years ago
Excellent you had given many steps than I expected. thankyou soo much and looking further continuity with updated subject and tips which can help many of our parents. good luck.
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