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You are here : home > Newborn Care > Bowel and Bladder Movements > Constipation in Babies

Constipation in Babies

Constipation in Babies

Constipation is one of the common health problems in infants, especially in the infants who are not breast fed. Read on know how to find if your baby is constipated and what to do when baby is constipated.

It becomes very difficult to tackle with health problems in infants. This is mainly because they cannot tell you exactly what discomfort they are facing. The infant has only one way to convey its discomfort and that is to cry. There can be many reasons behind the child crying. It is not easy to make out.

When it comes to bowel movement of an infant, there is no hard and fast rule or an ideal number. It completely depends on the baby and his digestion process. In fact, the mother also comes to know about the schedule few days after the birth. If you want to tune it come habit, you will have to wait for some time and it can only happen with regular practice.

Clues to Understand that Baby is Constipated

  • There is less bowel movement than is normal for the child. You need to know the bowel movement of your child.
  • If your child did not pass stool in last 2 or more days. This means your child is definitely constipated. 
  • Your child seems to be uncomfortable.
  • If your baby has hard and dry stool even if he has a few number of stools daily.
  • If there is liquid stool seen in the diaper, do not conclude it to be diarrhea. Sometimes they pass out even when the child is facing constipation.

Reasons Behind Newborn’s Constipation

Formula Milk – Infants who are breastfed usually do not face constipation problem. This is mainly because this milk is perfectly balanced and has right amount of fat and protein. If the child is fed with formula milk, there are possibilities and if this is the reason, try to switch to some other brand.

Solid Introduction – Usually when you start giving solid food to your child, it takes time for the child’s digestive system, to get adjusted to it. Your child’s stool might get slightly constipated when solid is introduced to the daily diet.

Illness – Constipation can also be result of some illness or due to some medicines. Check this out with the child’s doctor and take necessary action.

Dehydration – Sometimes mothers do not pay much attention to the fluid intake of the infant and constipation can be as a result of fewer intakes of water and other fluid.

What to Do When an Infant is Constipated

  • Try to make out the cause and see whether the reason is new addition to diet or change of formula milk or any other reason.
  • Make sure your baby is fed properly because many times it is observed that lack of enough milk also leads to constipation in newborns.
  • When bathing your baby fill the tub with water so that your baby’s tummy is in the water. Let him relax there because the warm water will soften the stool if you lightly massage his stomach.
  • In severe cases, contact your pediatrician and try any home or on-the-counter remedy only after consulting him.
  • If your child is constipated due to solid addition in diet, try introducing some fibrous food so that he gets rid of constipation in natural way.
  • Changing the feeding schedule can also make difference.

Try the above tips and you will definitely find changes. However, it is advisable that you should not wait long and if you find that your child is very uncomfortable, contact the pediatrician immediately.

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Dandan.4 years ago
My son is 2 years old He has been severely constipated since last week. I have been taking him in . I don't know what else to do. This is the only time he excretes and he goes once a week. It is terrible because he can't tell us anything and he just cries loudly holding his head and stomach. We have tried everything over the counter for this and nothing helps. I am afraid something terrible is going to happen.
William.4 years ago
Sounds so serious! The only way you can do is consult to doctor instead of wasting time to search for solution at internet. Get well soon.
Hongli.4 years ago
Children get constipated is common. It is properly because of their digestive system is still under developing and not that strong so that you have to take good care of their eating habit to prevent sensitive belly issue. To get rid of this issue try to start with the formula milk first since children take formula milk often. As below stated, Mamil contain of prebiotics that can help your children to build a strong digestive system. Try this out and see whether it's work. If still doesn't help than you need consult to doctor.
Susan.4 years ago
Saw a promotion on Mamil fb. Buy 6 x 1.5kg or 8 x 1.2kg of Mamil Step 3/Step 4 at roadshows and get a LeapReader worth RM233 on the spot! My children would love it.
Jennifer.4 years ago
I know that, went for the roadshow at Aeon and I just received the LeapReader at last week ago. My children are happy with it.
Veliby.4 years ago
My baby are having enfalac a+ while my sister's baby is having mamil gold. 2 things i notice is my baby size is same as her cousin. my baby is 11 months while her cousin is 16 months and her cousin is more vulnerable to mild sickness. Most of the time i hear he got some cough, flu and fever.
Bernert.4 years ago
great article
Sammy.4 years ago
Last few months, my son always suffer with constipation. My friends who are also using Mamil suggested me to try to use it. Then, after switched to Mamil, my son no longer suffer with constipation anymore.
Jenny.4 years ago
Jude, if you change to Mamil, you must remember that drink too much will cause heaty so you must control yourself by feeding your kids to drink it ya. Btw, it is one of the constipation remedy.
Caraumun.4 years ago
I have the same problem previously, but once I switched to Mamil for a week, it really works! Because it contains no sugar and high DHA! But, the pre-biotic in Mamil help to solve constipation problem!
Sue Yee
Sue Yee.4 years ago
Actually alot remedies also quite effective one, like those listed above. not all remedies are bad but need to be careful abit la. best is go for fruits juice or baby food with high fibre content! i used this way and it worked!
Apa.4 years ago
Heyy Jude, not to worry so much!! Better give them those home remedies, save for child. But. It will be better for you to bring them to doctor to seek for advise.
Jude.4 years ago
Hi, recently my daughter is facing in constipation. She never poo for more than 4 days. When the time she wants to poo, she used around or more than 30 minutes,but she still felt likes not really feeling well. I really have no ideas to help her. Kindly share that any sort of formulas are able to cure and prevent constipation. Thanks and appreciate
Larva.4 years ago
DrRitu.4 years ago
Freshly prepared apple or prune juice can help in easing out the symptoms. For an eight month old baby, two to four ounces in a day is ok.

If constipation is severe, you can try dark corn syrup. Make sure you talk to your paediatrician before you give him dark corn syrup.

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