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How to Do Dhanteras Puja?

How to Do Dhanteras Pooja

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Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi is observed one or two days before Diwali in India. On this day Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kubera are worshiped as they bestow wealth and prosperity on their devotees. Learn when and how to do Dhanteras Puja during Diwali festival.

Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi is dedicated to Lord Dhanvantari. In the year 2022 it will be celebrated on 22nd of October. There are no set rules to perform the Puja. But, it is believed that if this Puja is done at a specific time (ShubhMahurat), it can prove very beneficial for the entire family. The ShubhMahurat or the timings for doing Dhanteras Puja this year is between 6:11 pm to 8:40 pm. The rituals and celebration vary from one region to another. Here is a general idea on how people celebrate Dhanteras and do Puja on this occasion.

Dhanteras is observed in different ways in different communities. It is an auspicious day and people consider this day highly fortunate for new investments and purchases. Most people commence their Diwali shopping this day. It is also said that the five day celebration of Diwali starts from Dhanteras.

Dhanteras is not about material wealth. It is time when spiritual wealth and family bonding is also given importance. For most of the families it is a family reunion and people prefer gathering at their ancestral homes for Diwali. For grandparents and parents this festival brings double happiness as their children and grandchildren arrive from distant places for the celebration.

It is believed that Kuber pleased Adilaxmi and she gave him massive wealth. So, people worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber on this day. It is also said that Kuber lent some money to Lord Vishnu on this day for his marriage and devotees donate money in Lord Vishnu’s temple on this day so that he could pay back his loan.Lord Dhanvantari is also worshipped for good health and wellbeing of the family on this day.

How to Celebrate Dhanteras?

The house is cleaned thoroughly and Rangoliis put on the main entrance as well as through the way to the place of worship inside the house. Usually, red footprints are designed to indicate the arrival of Goddess Laxmi in the house. Goddess Laxmi is worshipped that day to provide prosperity and well-being.

First a red piece of cloth is taken and the new pot or Kalash that is bought for the occasion is placed on it. This pot is filled with rice and 5 whole betel nuts along with 21 lotus seeds are also placed. Above this, a small pot filled with holy Gangajal with sugar is placed. Some put silver coins in the pot and offer flowers or garland of flower on the pot.

When you are facing the pot, put the new silver brick or ornament that you have bought on the right side and place Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh in deity or coin form on the left hand side. If you do not have any new ornament, you can put any one you want on the right side. Some people put some money also. Light the Diya specially prepared for Dhanteras Puja. Make sure the Diya remains lit for at least two hours. Offer traditional sweets as Naivaidya to God and Goddess.

Cows are worshipped and fed on this day in some regions. Some lit Diyas in the names of every family member and ancestors and float them in a river or pond. Traditionally women purchase ornaments made of silver or gold on this day and those who cannot buy them, go for buying utensils that day. It is believed that anything of heavy and precious metal bought this day is auspicious and fortunate for them and their families.

There is another simple way that can be followed to do Dhanteras Puja. Take a small Chowki or Chowrang. Draw a small red Swastik on it with the help of Kumkum. Light a Diya and place it in the middle of the Swastik. Sprinkle water around the Chowki thrice. Put a Cowry (Shell) in the Diya. Sprinkle a little rice on the Diya and apply Haldi and Kumkum. Put a one rupee coin in the Diya and offer some flowers. Offer prayers to the Diya for good health and wellbeing of the family. After doing the Puja of Diya place it at the right side outside the main entrance of your house. Do the Japa of Mantra – “AumDhanDhanvantarayeNamha” for at least 108 times. Seek blessing from Lord Dhanwantari after doing this Japa. After that you can do Puja of Lord Ganesh and Laxmi.

Watch this video to find simple instructions on doing Dhanteras Puja.

Shubh Dhanteras Puja timing is PradoshKaal and SthirLagna. There can be slight change in the timings depending on the place where you are living. Usually the PradoshKaal starts from sunset and lasts for 2 hours and 24 minutes after that. The Puja is performed during the SthirLagna time and it is believed that Laxmijee will stay in your home because of this.

Dhanteras is celebrated with delight and enthusiasm. You will find a large number of people buying something or the other on this day in the market. Diyas of clay are lit and placed on the entrance to drive away the shadows of evil on that day. In some places Lord Yama, the death god is worshipped and a Diya is offered in order to please him which is meant to remain lit all through the night.
What is the significance of Dhanteras? How to perform Puja on the day of

Dhanteras during Diwali? Which Gods and Goddesses are worshiped while doing Dhanteras Puja? Discuss here.

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Dhwani.8 years ago
Diwali begins from the day of Dhanteras and it is also one of the important days to perform pooja...thanks for sharing the procedure to do Dhanteras Pooja.
Simran.8 years ago
We do Dhanteras as well as Lakshmi Poojan at home. Dhanteras is a very auspicious day to buy new things.
Dev.8 years ago
Like Lakshmi Pooja, Dhanteras Pooja is also very important during Diwali.
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