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Indian Culture Topics

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Indian Folk and Classical Music

India's classical music, including Folk and Hindustani music, has a history spanning over a period of hundreds of years and, developed over several eras, remains essential to the lives of Indians today as sources of religious inspiration, cultural expression, emotional bonding and entertainment.


Bhajans are devotional songs that praise God, or preach the teachings of saints. Bhajans are a means of getting nearer to God. Learn how you can develop your more

Indian Classical Music

Indian classical music is said to have originated from the Vedas. Just listening to them, transports one to a different world; a world of music and sheer plea more

Western Classical Music

Western Classical Music has its origins in the European region. Many music Maestros have contributed to this form of music. Learn about western classical musi more

Introduction to classical Indian music

Indian classical music has the power to transport you to another world. It relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and the soul. Know more about this mesmerizing for more

Origin of Indian Music

According to our scriptures, music originated in the hands of Lord Brahma; the creator. Later the music was passed on to this world. Read on to know more abou more