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You are here : home > Child Development > Teething in Your Child > Does your child have a sweet tooth?

Does your child have a sweet tooth?

Does your child have a sweet tooth?

Christmas and New Year will bring lots of sweets in your house. The millennium fever will only add to the festivities. But this is the time your child's teeth and stomach need more than usual attention. We provide some tips for the coming season.

Rinse teeth after every meal

Although this guideline is applicable for every season, it is most relevant for the festive season. Let your child know that sticky particles of sweets and other items can cause lifetime harm to the teeth. So, the frequency of brushing teeth should be increased. Let the nighttime brushing be a family affair.

Take your child to a dentist

Take your toddler to your dentist for a normal checkup. Let him have a look at the dentist's chair and set up. Even if people tell you not to care for the temporary teeth, do not follow their advice. Otherwise, temporary teeth might fall prematurely, giving way for other primary teeth. As a result, when the permanent teeth erupt, there will be no room. It can cause malpositioning of the teeth. So initiate your child into a discussion with your dentist who will then tell him the right way to brush etc.

The right toothpaste

Also consult your dentist for the right type of toothpaste. Do not go by misleading advertisements of toothpastes, which claim to give foolproof dental protection to children eating junk foods. Beware of any television/print ad of a toothpaste, which makes such unrealistic claims. Do not change brands for fun.

Sweets should be an exception, not a rule

Pediatricians have often warned against over consumption of sweets by children at a very early age. Let sweets not become their daily fun diet. That does not mean you spoil their festive mood, but ask them to be balanced. Most importantly, keep them away from chewing gums, toffees and other chewy sweets because they are likely to remain stuck to the teeth. For the younger kids, chewing gums should be a complete non-no. Excess use of such sweets can cause irreparable harm to their teeth.

Control overeating

Children should be taught to enjoy food with restraint. Let eating not be their primary activity in the holidays. Of course, they should be allowed to taste a variety of foods, especially of their choice, but stop them if they are overeating. Extreme love for food or sweets has to be discouraged at a very early age. Parents have to inculcate satiation in their children.

Encourage salads and fruits

At a time when your kids' intake is more than the usual, encourage them to balance it with more salads like carrot, cucumber, cabbage and beat root. Every meal should be followed with a fruit. Salads and fruits will ensure better digestion.

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saira.13 years ago
i only want to advice all the mothers.when ur child start teething plz start giving him or her grapes n apple juice becoz they will not suffer from pain and their teeths will come out easily.also apply once a day honey on the gum
Vidya.13 years ago
my is 2 years and does'nt want to brush......he us irritated with brushing. how can i bring in brushing habits daily in the morning?
palak sharma
palak sharma.13 years ago
my daughter ia 10 month old till she has ni teeth appear. i s any problem i am worried abt her teething pls tell is any she has any problem
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