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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

Baby's Development (10-Month Old)

Your 10-month-old baby must have become very adventurous now. Here are the developments that you can expect in your little one in this month.

You must be thrilled that you are just a couple of months away from celebrating the first birthday of your little bundle of joy. There are so many things that have changed over the last few months.
Here we shall take a look at some other developments that you can expect in your 10-month-old baby. Read along for some interesting information on baby’s development.

Development of Motor Skills in a 10-Month-Old Baby

She is now smartly cruising all round the home. If you have been holding her hands while she tried walking all this while, you can let her try some steps alone. She will love the experience of walking alone. You can get push toys for your baby so that her walking skills are encouraged.
If your little one is too adventurous, she may also try climbing up. She would love to go over the crib railing and put herself in some dangerous situations. If you find this habit of climbing in her, make sure to be around and close all the access points. It is better to pull away chairs from the tables and around the countertops, so that she may not climb and fall.
This is the time when she is busy exploring stuffs in the cabinets and drawers. It is very important that you lock the cabinets and drawers containing harmful chemicals and medicines.
She has improved on her eye-hand coordination considerably and is capable of arranging toys by their size or colour. Nesting cups and stacking blocks shall be her favourite pass times now.

Feeding Patterns for a 10-Mont-Old Baby

Your little one should be in a position to feed herself now. She will love using the spoon with her fingers while eating. Make sure there are plenty of cereals, whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, tofu, chicken, and eggs in her daily diet in mashed form.
She is developing her sense of taste fast. It is thus a good idea to offer foods of different kinds to her dish now. Do not give up if you find fussy eating in her and if she has a habit of keeping down the spoon every time. Doctors say a baby rejects a food around 15 times before finally accepting it. You must never force her to eat. Leave it on her to decide when she is full. According to research studies, those who clean their plates every time, often turn into overeaters.

Communication Skills in a 10-Month-Old Baby

By this time your baby has realised how unique she is as an individual. You must be aware of her strong likes and dislikes. Be ready for her temper tantrums and ways to vent out her pent up emotions. She may have discovered the word "no" by this time. Do not be upset if you are hearing it too often these days.
The way she communicates makes more sense now. You may expect her to take part in back and forth communication with time.
Do not be surprised if you get a response to the question you ask in form of babbles. Do react positively to responses she gives, even if you do not understand them. If she is familiar with words like car, dog or cat, you may find her pointing out to them when you name them. You must keep talking to her to encourage the development of her speaking skills.
Her attention spans have also improved by now and you will find her concentrating on something longer than before. It is a good time to engage in different games with her now.
Keep away the dangerous elements and help her explore her new world. Playing and exploring around is a great way to foster her growth and development. Enjoy every stage of her growing up and become a proud parent.

What developments can be observed in a 10-month-old baby? How to encourage the development of eye-hand coordination in babies? Which motor skills are learnt by babies when they become 10 months old? Discuss here.

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