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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

Baby's Development (9-Month-Old)

Your little one is just a few months away to become a year old. It is important to understand the milestones she covers to help in her development. Read on to learn more about a 9-month-old baby’s development.

It is high time when you shall notice plenty of changes in your little one this month. She is about to become a year old within a couple of months and has become a lot more independent than before. She has a personality of her own now and has become very adventurous too. You may find she already has her favourite toy, book, pillow and songs.
Here we shall take a closer look to understand the milestones she covers this month. Read along and enjoy:

Development of Motor Skills in a 9-Month-Old Baby

She loves the freedom of exploring things around her. She may now sit on her own, start learning to crawl and move up from her sitting position. She may now explore the room around holding furniture or may be the hands of her caregiver. You can expect her to learn to walk in few months. However, some babies may take a little longer to show these developments but there is no need to get concerned.
She has improved her coordination with time. Apart from picking up things, she can also hold them tightly in her hands. Make sure she is not putting any small stuff in her mouth that can increase the chocking hazards.
She can now easily hold a toy in a hand and engage her other hand in some other activities.

Feeding Patterns of a 9-Month-Old-Baby

By now you can introduce varieties to her palette. Variety of vegetables, fruits and meals shall also encourage her to try the new things. Since she might have already developed some of her teeth, you can offer her foods of different textures.
It is in fact a good time to allow your little one to feed herself. You can put her up in a high chair and offer some mashed foods in a large bowl. Even though the whole thing may look messy, but it is certainly the best way to introduce her to the different foods.
However, you should be careful and not offer her hard candies, raisins, nuts or popcorns, as they might increase the chocking hazards.
Some parents now a day are found keen on trying organic foods for their babies. The organic one's are known to contain lesser levels of pesticide residue, but do not expect them to contain any higher levels of nutrients compared to the regular ones. It is however a matter of choice and it shall depend on you, whether you choose organic or the regular brands.

Development of Communication Skills in a 9-Month-Old Baby

Your baby shall love imitating you and may mimic almost everything you do. If she has noticed you brushing your hair or drinking from a bottle, she shall too try to do the same. Babies observe very closely and see the way you react to different situations. If she sees you crying watching a movie, she too shall look grumpy then.
She is now capable of understanding the simple commands like clap, bye or hi. Your little one is also capable of attaching meaning to some words you say. She may point to some objects that you name.

Other Information on Baby’s Development

Even if your little one has not started talking yet, you can engage her in real conversations. You can narrate the activities you are doing such as folding a stroller, keeping away her clothes or feeding her. This shall help her know new words and learn from them.
Playing music is known to have positive effect of the little ones. The music can be jazz, pop or the lullabies. You may find her smiling and bouncing to the rhythm of the music.
You can help her develop a better understanding of object permanence by hiding away things. This shall help her understand that even if things are away they still exist.
She must be babbling by now and can make eye contacts with you. You may also find her responding to your actions and words. If you feel she is not communicating well, you can get in touch with your doctor.

What developments are expected in a 9-month-old baby? How should be the feeding pattern of a 9-month-old baby? How to encourage babies to talk? Discuss here.

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