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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

Baby's Development (7-Month-Old)

You can observe plenty of developments in your growing baby when she is 7 months old. Find out about the development of motor skills in your 7-month-old baby.

Be prepared to bump on your baby, as you may find her roaming almost everywhere in the house now. She is extremely curious and is getting more and more aware of the environment around her.
Here we shall help you discover some other developments that you can notice in her this month. Read along for some interesting information:

Motor Skills in a 7-Month-Old Baby

You baby has now gained sufficient strength and she will now be trying to sit on her own. Most babies learn to crawl after they learn to sit. Your baby may also use all the strength to drag herself forward when she is lying on her tummy. She may explore all the surroundings through such skills.
If you hold your baby in a standing position with both of your hands, she will try to thump her feet. She is now trying to establish a connection between her motor skills and senses. She may now aim at something and drag herself towards it. She also gains the ability to toss a ball, manipulate toys or bang the blocks.
She can now grab small things as well. So, make sure to keep away the small objects that can be potentially dangerous for her.

Sleep Patterns of a 7-Month-Old Baby

At this age, you can expect your baby to sleep for 14 hours a day. She may nap twice every day in the afternoon and in the morning. The naps can be of an hour or two, however; it can be as short as 20 minutes as well.
Now that she has developed a fair knowledge of object permanence, she knows you are there even if not around. She shall outgrow her separation anxiety by 2 years. Do not let yourself worry too much if she appears to cry or fuss the moment you leave the room. Try and keep her distracted with her favourite toys while you are away.

Feeding Patterns for a 7-Month Old Baby

Your little one can take around 32 ounces of breastmilk or formula solution now. Apart from this, you must also offer her different kinds of vegetables and fruits in pureed or mashed form. With increase in intake of solids, her liquid intake shall go down.
Introducing table foods and finger foods can be some exciting ways to encourage her to eat solids but you need to wait until she turns a year old. Nowadays cow’s milk is not offered to babies until they turn a year old. But if you are keen on offering her cow's milk, you must consult your paediatrician. He or she may offer right advice and correct guidance on giving cow’s milk to your baby.
Now your baby has considerably improved on her chewing ability and pincer grasp. Even if the foods are well chopped, you must not leave your baby unattended during the meal times.

Communication Skills

Your baby has now developed better sense of awareness of the environment around her. She will love to participate in the daily routines and understand the concept of object permanence. She can now better understand when it is the meal time or crib time.
By this time you shall gain fair knowledge about her likes and dislikes. You may find her smiling looking at the sweet potato or scowling looking at the broccoli.
She shall start babbling listening to your voice. You may also find her say “mama”, “gaga” and “dada” at times. She shall start understanding some of the commands like "bye" and "hi".
Take care of your household products, as she might use them as supports to stand while learning to walk. She might start showing interest in the TV shows. Make sure to encourage her to watch the educational stuffs and limit TV times. Talking, reading, playing songs, playing peek-a-boo shall be some exciting ways to help her develop socially and emotionally. Make the best of your time with her as parenting is a highly rewarding and a wonderful experience to be cherished forever!

What is expected from 7-month-old baby? What foods can be given to a 7-month-old baby? Do babies start crawling at 7th month? Discuss here.

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