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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

Baby's Development (11-Month-Old)

Do you know what developments can be expected in an 11-month-old baby? Find out the expected developments with the arrival of your baby's first birthday.
Congratulations! On the completion of this month, your baby will turn a year old. It certainly calls for celebration and family time. Your baby has developed incredibly over the last few months and shall be transformed into a smarter and more capable person in the next few days.
Here we shall discuss some of the other developments you can expect in your 11months old baby.

Growth of an 11-Month-Old Baby

Your baby has now tripled his birth weight. He has also developed around 50% of his brain. However, his weight gain shall slow down now and you can expect his activities to increase even more.

Development of Motor Skills in an 11-Month-Old Baby

Your baby may have attempted to take few steps alone by now when learning to walk. So, it is time for you to keep your video camera ready and shoot her first steps.
Your little one is now great at eating by herself, turn pages of a storybooks etc. You can expect her to learn the right use of certain things like a spoon, a brush, or a telephone. Even though she might not have mastered the art of using them, she actually knows the purpose well.

Sleep-Patterns of an 11-Month-Old Baby

This is high time when you can expect her to sleep more through the night than during the day. However, she shall nap for few hours in the afternoon. If she is still napping in the morning, probably you can keep her engaged some other way.

Eating Patterns of an 11-Month-Old Baby

Your baby has grown-up now and can eat most of the things that you eat. You can shift from the formula solution to the cow’s milk now. The cow’s milk shall offer her the additional fat she needs for the development of her brain. However, you need to feed her the normal cow milk and not those low fat or slim varieties. You must speak to your baby’s paediatrician so that he or she can guide you on introducing cow’s milk.
If you are still breastfeeding her, you can try shifting to the cow’s milk in a sippy cup. Keep the transition slow, so that it is easier for her to accept the new ways.
Your baby is taking more of the table foods now, which in a way increases chocking hazards as well. Remember to keep away the nuts, grapes, raisins, dry fruits and popcorns, as she is not yet ready for them. During the mealtimes, you need to be close by her and see if she is chewing them well.

Development of Speaking Skills

You can now find your baby saying words such as dada, mama, bye more frequently than before. She is also trying to imitate your activities now. She will be getting more and more social these days. She shall be able to slowly understand what is being told to her.
Temper tantrums can increase now, however; you need to stay firm and say "no". You must also reward her for all her good behaviours.
You will find her more comfortable with you or your partner around. She may look anxious or shy in front of strangers. Fear of separation anxieties and strangers shall slowly be gone. You can keep the good bye short and leave on a sweet note. This shall assure her that you are gone to be back soon.
Now that your little one is capable of taking her small steps, you can go shopping for her new shoes! It is certainly an amazing experience to buy such cute pair of shoes for the first time. If you have no experience of buying shoes for babies, you can seek help from the salesperson. There must be sufficient space inside the shoes to help her feet grow. Babies grow faster and you might need another pair for her in the next two months, if you do not buy the correct size.

Which milestones are achieved by babies on competition of 11th month of their growth and development? How to encourage milestones in an 11-month-old baby? How to aid the development of speech and hearing in babies? Discuss here.

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