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How to Raise a Boy Child

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Raising a boy child is not same as raising a girl child. Though we treat both the genders equally, some specific things need to be kept in mind by parents while raising a boy child. Read on to find helpful parenting tips for raising a boy child.

When a boy child arrives, the general tendency is that the parents do not have to worry a lot for the upbringing of the child. This is not true because you need to bring up any child by giving him proper love and care. At the same time you need to make him learn discipline and values that are essential for a better life. People think that the worries and anxieties are only associated with a girl child. However, though the issues might be different, the responsibility remains the same regardless of whether your child is a boy or a girl.

When your son is growing you need to understand his needs and requirements. You need to give him the right environment, support his interests and at the same time persuade him to concentrate on his studies and other relevant matters too. Boys are mostly hyperactive and so they need to be controlled many times. Keep a close watch on the friends he meets, his behaviour, internet activities and so on. It is your responsibility to bring up an independent, righteous and responsible person.

Tips for Raising a Boy Child

Have a quick look at the some tips on raising a boy child.

  • Activities – Keep an eye on all his activities. Do not let him do whatever he likes or go out at odd hours simply because he is a boy. Watch out his behaviour and do not accept wrong behaviour even if it is something negligible. It might turn out big if neglected at this moment.
  • Friends – You should know about his friend circle and the type of boys and girls that are in the group. It is quite natural that the boys will spend more time with their friends as compared to girls. However, you need to watch out everything and keep a trace of his time for coming back home especially when he is a teenager.. Do not call any of his friends bad. Explain things that are right and wrong and let him decide whether that particular friend is right for him or not.
  • Listen to Your Son – Try to communicate with your son daily. This will help you have the daily activity details and this in turn will keep you assured and connected with your son. Listen to the entire day’s work and activities of your son. This will also strengthen the bonding between you two.
  • Family of Friends – Get an idea about the family background of his friends. You can also make family friends if you invite some of them on certain occasion. If you find that any of the friend’s family background is not right for the growth of your child, try to convince your child and explain things to him. For example if any person in the family is a heavy drinker, it will have impact on your child’s mind too.
  • Sexual Offences – You have to be careful about all this as well. Even small boys are not safe nowadays. It can be anyone anywhere. You have to be careful and train and educate your son about how to save himself from any such incident. It is not that you have to save your child from adults; it can be the boys and girls of the same age too.

Whether you have a son or daughter, children are after all children. They are innocent and susceptible. They need proper care and right direction to grow. We have to protect them and prepare them to face different types of dangers.

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Mohini.3 years ago
very good article... really like the way in which you explain simple things...
Pallavi Ghada.3 years ago
interesting information.... will surely try to implement them.
Mallika.3 years ago
Raising a boy is different. They need to be responsible and at the same time responsible. I try not to differentiate between my two kids; one boy and another daughter but still there are some issues that need differentiation.
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