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Raising Children Topics

You are Here : Home > Raising Children > Childhood Concerns

Childhood Concerns

There are many unexpected events that could pop up in life, and you may have to explain things to your child or help them get through them. Be it sexual abuse or depression or even terrorism, we list a few ways in which you can be by your child’s side when he really needs you.

Safety Tips for Children

Children are a curious lot and danger lurks everywhere. Teaching the children some basic safety tips will go a long way in shaping their future. Parents have more

Should Children Participate in Reality Shows?

Participating of children in reality shows is a personal choice and is a debatable topic. Participation of children in reality shows has more disadvantages. more

Sexual Abuse in Children

Child abuse can be defined as a physical violation of a child's body through any sort of sexual contact or a psychological violation of the child through verb more

Antibiotics and Children

Antibiotics are now used commonly. Some parents self medicate antibiotics to their children which is actually harmful. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics has l more

Is your child innocent?

Children are what the parents teach them. It is the parent's responsibility to channelize the child in the right direction because children will learn what is more

Does your child know about sex abuse?

Sexual abuse is very common now a days. Sexual abuse of children is called paedophilia. Teaching the children of good and bad touch is a must. Tell tale signs more

How to deal with a sexually abused child?

Sexual abuse in children leaves an indelible mark in their innocent minds. They lose confidence and have a fearful attitude towards people. They become withdr more

Do you talk to your child about sex?

Sex education is a taboo subject in India. Adolescence is an age when children's body undergo various changes. Children are curious about about these changes. more

Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disease which has no cure. This generally affects young children. In this disease gradual deterioration of muscles occur and s more

Myth vs Facts

Some common myths busted, proper and conscious parenting encouraged. Read on.

Short Child

Short height can be a cause of lot of mental agony and stress in young children. Children who are short have low confidence level. The cause of underlying med more

Indian Spina Bifida Association

Spina Bifida is a rare disease affecting children. This disease is present from the birth. Indian Spina Bifida Association is formed to provide information more

Imaginary Friend

Most young children have imaginary friends. For a child, an imaginary friend is a good companion who accepts all his thoughts. An imaginary friend is good f more

Violence And Your Child

Children are very vulnerable. They learn from their surroundings. We as a parent have to monitor our children at every step so that they grow up to be a good more

Depression in Children

Now a days even young children are falling prey to depression. Depression is a menace which is taking away happiness from their lives. Why is such a thing hap more

Sensitive Child

Being sensitive towards others, is a lesson which must be taught early in life. A sensitive child grows up to be a good human being who is considerate to othe more

Boy/Girl Crazy

If you don't emphasize bonding at the outset, you will wish you had spent more time with your child once she is older and doesn't have time for you. Early bon more

Rules to Remember

Children learn from their immediate surroundings. Parents are their role models. Some golden rules for raising amazing children.

Violence at Home

Children, if exposed to violence at home, are scarred for life. The effects of watching violence are devastating. Know about the effects of violence on the m more

Think Positive

Teaching your child to have a positive outlook to life can be a rewarding experience. A positive outlook helps the child in facing adversities of life. A posi more

Kids with Good Character

Teaching the child to be of good character helps the child all through his life. Such children grow up to be responsible adults and are accountable for their more

Helping with Homework

Homework is a tool to help children learn. It is a means of revising what is learnt in school. Good homework habits includes organizing a proper schedule of s more

Idle Gossip

An idle mind is like a devil's mind, it is always thinking ill about others and due to this gossiping becomes a habit. Gossip is a sheer waste of one's precio more

Special Needs and Behavioural Problems

Parents of children with special needs and complex disabilities have a tough time in managing them. A right approach is needed for the management. Here are so more

The Gifted Child

A gifted child has certain characteristics. A gifted child should be nurtured for his talents from an early age. Parents should identify the talents and enco more

Living with Domestic Violence

Domestic violence leaves an indelible mark on the child's psyche. It is a serious crime. Children should be protected from any form of domestic violence. Here more

How to talk to children about terrorism

Terror attack is an unfortunate situation which is unavoidable. News reports continuously talk about the attack and show videos. Visual reports have a more pr more

Help your Child achieve more in Life

Every parent want the best for his child so that his future is secure. How should the parents ensure a secure future for their child? How can the parents over more

Sex Education and Children

Sex education is a must for children to dispel myths associated with sex. Dealing with sex related topics is a taboo in India. This topics should be dealt in more

Why Do Children Brag?

Bragging is a harmless evil but it has many repercussions. All children brag at some point of time. Bragging is a disease and if it is not stopped early then more

Dyslexia: Amit's World

Dyslexia in lay man terms refers to learning difficulties related to the written word. Specific cause for this has not been found. Dyslexic children are no wa more

Depression in school children

Depression which was earlier restricted to grown ups, has now started affecting young children also. Depression should be treated early to avoid further depre more

Talking to Your Kids about Their Bodies

As a parent it is important for you to have an ongoing and casual conversation with kids about their bodies so that either of you do not feel uncomfortable on more

Things Parents Should Know About Emotional Abuse

For keeping behaviour of children in control sometimes parents threaten them. However, sometimes threatening children can turn into emotional abuse. Emotional more

How to Ensure Emotional Well-Being of Children

Developing a healthy and a happy environment at home is essential to ensure emotional well-being of children. Ensuring emotional well-being of children is ver more

Signs that a Child is Emotionally Abused

Behavioural disorders are developed in children who are emotionally abused. Such children lack self esteem and confidence. They become aggressive and at the s more

How to Teach Children about Good Touch and Bad Touch

Teaching children the difference between the good touch and bad touch is extremely important. It is an important step to prevent sexual abuse in children. Her more

How to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

Parental involvement to a greater extent is extremely important for preventing sexual abuse in children. Read on to know how to protect children from sexual a more

Ways to Prevent Emotional Problems in Kids

Emotional problems can have destructive effects on the health and well being of children. Read on to learn more about the ways to prevent emotional problems i more

Harmful Effects of Emotional Stress on Children

Emotional Stress in children can result in undesirable consequences. Therefore, parents must identify it signs to save children from its harmful effects. Find more

Tips for Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

An emotionally healthy individual can tackle all problems in life with an ease. Therefore, parents must not only focus on physical fitness of a child but also more

RE:adoption of a baby boy
hello ameya,
what is your age and what is your wife age, its great thing if you want to adopt baby, is there any medical issue and are you going fo ...
- anupama    read >>

RE:adoption of a baby boy
hello ameya,
you are 33 years old and you can try to surrogacy also, or you can try test tube baby method also, if i m not you are not think in thi ...
- bhavana    read >>

RE:adoption of a baby boy
hello ameya,
if you want to adopt baby its important to should go there and contact to any orphanage near by your home or in your city, if you com ...
- raghu    read >>

RE:adoption of a baby boy
hello ameya,
if you want to adopt a baby its really very good thing, but you should make yourself mentally enough strong for adoption, its easy to ...
- satish    read >>

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