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Indoor Games for Children

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Find out some exciting indoor games for children. These are a list of some interesting games for children to play indoors. Is it raining and child can not go out to play? Find out some new games apart from the usual regular games which your child will love and enjoy. Read on to find out how make your child have a great day indoors.

Outdoor games for a child are certainly fun and exciting as they involve a lot of physical activity. But there are many times when your child is sick or its raining and you cannot send your child out to play! At such times, your child begins to feel bored indoors as he is idle. We give you a list of indoor games which your child can play so that he remains busy and entertained.


Playing with clay is a good game which involves the child using his imagination to make things out of clay. It provides an outlet to let your child unleash his creativity. Ask your child to make things using the clay like animals. It would be nice if he has many different colours of clay. For, example, he can make an elephant and then ask him paint it. Imagine that there is a cloth or mat on top of the elephant, for a person to sit on. Imagine this and using different colours of paints, your child can paint a beautiful and colourful mat.

Hot and Cold

This is a game which your child will surely love and enjoy a lot. Decide on an object which you and your child will take turns to hide. First when it is your turn, ask your child to not see while you hide the object in the room. Once you are ready and have finished hiding it, you can ask your child to come and start searching for it. As per the closeness of the child to the object, you will give your child clues by using the words 'hot' and 'cold'.

If you have hidden the object near the flower vase, and your child is very far from the flower vase, you will have to say 'Very Cold'. As he is searching and comes nearer and nearer to the flower vase, you should say 'Becoming hotter and hotter'. If he is again moving away from the hidden object which is close to the flower vase, you will need to say 'Becoming colder again' or 'Not so hot'. You will need to continue describing with the words 'hot' and 'cold' until your child finds the hidden object. This is a game which is highly exciting and fun.

Memory game

This is a game which will help to build and improve memory power in children. For this game you need a table, a few objects, a pencil and a sheet of paper. Take a table and place different objects in it. You can place objects like a pair of keys, a notebook, a watch, a scale and whatever other objects are available in your house. Next, ask your child to observe the objects on the table for half a minute or so. Then ask him to write down on the paper whatever he has seen without looking at the table. The objective of the game is that the child has to remember and write down the maximum number of objects without seeing.

State Capitals

This is a game in which your child has to memorize the capitals of states and countries. This is a game which is educational as well. Give your child an atlas or a list containing the capitals of states and countries and ask him to memorise it. Then you can test him by asking him a country or a state's capital which he will have to tell without seeing. This is a game which is useful, educational and fun at the same time.


Story-telling is also an interesting way to engage your child indoors. There are many stories for children. You can tell your child stories which have important morals and values.

Making a Zoo with Stuffed Toys

You can make an imaginary zoo using stuffed toys. This is a fun game to play if there are many children. Ask the children to pay an entry fee and also purchase tickets like in a real zoo. The children need to imagine that they are visiting a real zoo and the stuffed toys are real animals. You can even provide the children with nuts and bananas to feed the animals to make the game more interesting

These are some interesting games for children. Thus with these games you can keep your child entertained indoors! If the child is alone or does not have any siblings, parents can join in and make the child have an enjoyable day inside the house! You can also use your imagination and make up games on your own for your kids!

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NAtalia Kerr.3 years ago
When my daughter was two, I used to fill up a big stock pot with extremely soapy water drain out the water leaving the pot FULL of bubbles. She would sit and play with them for at least 20 minutes before the bubbles disappeared. Shereally enjoyed just playing in the bubbles, and it gave me peace while I cooked dinner.
Kenith Zen.3 years ago
awsum stuff given here for kids. I like dis website. it is really rocking.
Andrea.3 years ago
there are some boring stuff on here you need to have more creative stuff it does not have a lot of stuff to do thats fun
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