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Double Marker Test - A Type of Pregnancy Test

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Pregnant women have to undergo lot of pregnancy test during pregnancy. Double marker test is one of such tests carried out during pregnancy. Double marker test helps to detect the abnormalities in the unborn child. Read on to know more about double marker test.

Today, there are so many tests available for pregnant women that sometimes it gets quite confusing. There is double marker test available for those who suffer from Down’s syndrome. In fact it is detection of pre-birth conditions of the fetus and is usually done after 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks. This test detects any kind of chromosomal abnormalities that might occur after the conception occurs. This is not completely unusual as it occurs in every 700 births.

Characteristics of Down’s Syndrome

People who have Down syndrome have slight to severe abnormalities –

  • Eyes can incline upwards and outwards
  • A single crease can be seen running across the palm of the person
  • Small hands
  • Low set ears
  • Prone to certain medical conditions like heart problems, defects in the digestive tract and sight and hearing problems
  • Cause learning disability
  • Life span is less

Why Double Marker Test is Significant?

Today we have various tests available and with double marker test you can detect whether Down’s syndrome is present in your unborn or not. This is important for a woman if she gets pregnant after 35. The probability of having a baby with chromosomal imbalance or Down’s syndrome is likely for elderly pregnant women. It is advisable that all pregnant women should go through this test so that she is sure that the baby is completely normal.

There are different screening tests available in various hospitals. These tests are either separate or combination of an ultrasound and blood test. However, these are simply screening tests and will tell you how high your risk is and nothing else. You will come to know whether the baby you are carrying in your womb will have Down’s syndrome or not. To know more about such tests and the pregnancy weeks during such tests are done, you must consult your obstetrician. 

There has been lot of debates regarding the accuracy of these tests. However, they are considered pretty accurate and are referred by the doctors as well. The accuracy also depends on how good the sonography machine is and how talented and trained the test conductor is. In fact there are so many factors that matter that it is very difficult to tell the exact calculation and report.

Furthermore, the reality is that we have got a chance to know whether or not our child is completely normal. So why not go through it to ensure precautions?

Advantages of Double Marker Test
  • It gives you time to think and consult your doctor for another advanced test if your baby is detected with Down’s syndrome.
  • You can go through the diagnostic test if double marker tests turn positive.
  • You have good detection rates.
  • If your fetus is reported positive after the screening test and you go for a diagnostic test finding it to be true, you can go for pregnancy termination. If this test is done earlier the complications of termination will be less and you can even choose to end your pregnancy through suction termination.

Disadvantages of Double Marker Test
  • It is expensive and unaffordable for many.
  • It is available in selected cities only.
If you find that the double marker test is available and you would like to get it done, it is better you consult your gynecologist before you do so. Ask your doctor as many questions as you want to undergo the test when assured.

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.4 months ago
The test is very useful and available at a very nominal price
jj.1 year ago
is this test only for those women who are above 35 and not below 30? if the test shows positive is it confirmed tat the child is affected?
prerna.2 years ago
Double marker is done between 9-14wks of pregnancy & not 14-20 wks, as written here.That is the time period for triple marker test.
Hashima.2 years ago
it is best to undergo this test so as to detect Down's syndrome in the baby.....
Danish.2 years ago
good to detect the disorders before the birth of the baby
heera.2 years ago
it is necessary to undergo all the pregnancy test prescribed by the doctor.
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