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How to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy

pregnancy Complications during Pregnancy

Complications during pregnancy can be avoided to a great extent if you take right care of yourself and follow doctor’s advice to the ‘T’. Read on to find tips for preventing complications during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a period that has mixed feelings, emotions and anxieties involved. The woman wants to avoid all possible things that can add complications during pregnancy. However, there are few things that if taken into account, complications in pregnancy can be avoided to a great extent.

Although complications during pregnancy have lots of causes, taking certain precautions can help you avoid it. However, even everything is going on properly and seems like a happy pregnancy, it can have complications which are pretty much avoidable. You should also learn about myths and facts so that you remain stress free during pregnancy.

Tips to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy

Have a quick look at the tips for preventing complications during pregnancy.

Light and Frequent Meals – It is good to take light and small meals even if you have to eat a number of times. This helps stay away from morning sickness and also assists in maintaining the health of the mother and the child.

Careful While Going Out – You may catch infections while visiting hospitals and relatives and so you need to take extra caution during these times.

Safety Precautions – Take all safety measures while you are working or roaming about at home or in workplace. Avoid rush areas, standing or sitting for very long hours, heavy lifting and so on.

Eat Fresh Food – Avoid eating refrigerated or left over food items. Take only fresh food during pregnancy.

Nutrition – Take proper care of nutrition in your diet. Consult your doctor and make sure you take all dietary supplements if needed.

Quit Drinking and Smoking – Make sure you stay away from alcohol and cigarettes as far as possible. Even if you do not smoke, avoid places where others smoke.

Exercise – Perform light yoga and exercise regularly. Morning walk is said to be very healthy for pregnant women. Yoga will help you stay fit mentally and physically during pregnancy and also after child birth.

Medicines – Avoid taking any medicine without consulting your doctor. Some of the common medicines have harmful effects on the development of the baby.

Pets – Handling pets can cause immense harm to the unborn child. Consult your doctor regarding this issue if you have pets at home.  

Stress – To avoid complications during pregnancy and childbirth it is important you stay away from mental and physical exertion.

Avoid Traveling – Long journeys or traveling on bumpy roads can turn out harmful.

Posture – Sitting and standing posture matters a lot during pregnancy. Avoid high heel shoes and sandals and stand straight and slowly to avoid back injury. When rising from bed, it is advisable you turn before you get up. Do not stand for long or sit at a place for long hours.

Clothes – Wear comfortable clothes and prefer wearing cotton so that there is no harm caused due to wearing synthetic clothes.

Above are some of the precautions that you can take to avoid complications during pregnancy. However, getting yourself checked for the health and development of your baby at regular intervals is also very important. Keep in mind few tips from grandma and take special care of yourself avoiding over cautiousness.

Eat well and perform yoga that is good for you and your baby. Many classes are organised for pregnant women and you can join one of the best ones. Avoid negative thoughts and actions. Just remember there is a direct connection with your thoughts and actions to that of the unborn child in your womb. Do not forget to discuss family history and any other existing condition with your doctor.

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Jamal.3 years ago
Thanks for such a useful information. I want to know if any food item can cause complications in pregnancy?
Welma.3 years ago
I had a miscarriage so this time round i am being extra cautious. I do not want to lose my baby again. I will surely try to follow the tips provided here
Lucy.3 years ago
Taking care in pregnancy is very important. It ensures safe and successful pregnancy.
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