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Practicing Yoga during Pregnancy

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Practicing yoga during pregnancy can prove very beneficial to the expecting mother and her baby. You need to practice yoga under expert’s guidance and take doctor’s advice before starting yoga practice during pregnancy. Read on to find more about yoga asanas practiced during pregnancy and benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated periods in any parent’s life. It brings along lot of joy and unknown pleasure and at the same time lots of anxiety and fear. The whole period of pregnancy and childbirth is a great emotional as well as physical and psychological experience for the woman. If it is your first child, you must be having lot of fear and agony inside you. You must be having some knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth and this can be a positive or a negative understanding depending on the source.

Yoga asanas are performed by people to relieve stress and to calm down. Yoga can keep you flexible and help a lot during childbirth. However, you must not do any asana without medical advice and without the right teacher. It is always better to consult your doctor and if your pregnancy is normal, yoga will be extremely beneficial for you. Even if you are trying to conceive, yoga will be of great help to you.

When you are practicing yoga during the pregnancy period, it will help you cope with the physical and mental changes going on in your body. Mostly the yoga asanas help you with relaxation, breathing and stretching exercises.

Yoga Asanas Beneficial for Pregnancy
  • During the first semester of pregnancy, standing yoga asanas are suggested. This helps strengthen legs, generates energy and improves blood circulation in the entire body. It will also relieve you from morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms.
  • During second and third semester the time given to yoga asanas must be lessened. Also, do not overstretch the abdomen and avoid lying down on your back for more than ten minutes. It is better to avoid lying on your stomach too during this time.
  • There are some yoga asanas like tad asana, trikonasana, virasana, neck exercises and some other light stretching yoga asanas are suggested during pregnancy.

Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy
  • You become more aware of the changes going on in your body and the presence of your child inside you. You will be able to take care of your baby and its well being perfectly.
  • Yoga asanas will help remove tension and tightness in your body with the help of stretching that it gives to the body. It will also help you overcome other discomforts that are associated with pregnancy period.
  • Helps increase energy and strength from within. This will help you to prepare for motherhood and also make you help your child grow in a better way.
  • The yoga asanas will not only relieve stress, it will help improve blood circulation in your body and boost up your immune and digestive system.
  • Meditation will help enhance your concentration and focus.
  • Yoga asanas done along with your partner will help strengthen your relationship and bonding of both of you with your child.

Apart from yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation also helps a lot to calm down and stay relaxed, happy and well prepared during pregnancy. These will help you energize from within. It will help prepare your mind and body as well as it will take you to an advanced level of mind control.

When you are practicing yoga asanas, just keep in mind that the exercise should be done within your limit. You should practice all the yoga asanas under yoga expert’s guidance and take doctor’s advice before starting yoga practice during pregnancy. If there is any kind of discomfort, stop immediately and consult your doctor.

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Seema.5 years ago
I practiced yoga during pregnancy and it helped me a lot. So I would like to suggest all the pregnant mothers that should practice yoga regularly under expert's guidance or join yoga classes for pregnancy. Pregnant ladies benefit a lot by practicing yoga during pregnancy. Yoga during pregnancy helps to have healthy pregnancy and helps to avoid c-sec.
It is very good to practice yoga during pregnancy. In fact mothers should practice yoga even after pregnancy to get back in shape. Yoga is very beneficial for the mother as well the child growing inside her. It helps to improve the overall development and growth of the baby and help in natural child birth.
Malini.5 years ago
Yoga during pregnancy is very beneficial. Yoga is so beneficial during pregnancy that baby just slips out of the womb very easily during delivery. Therefore, yoga is very good for ensuring natural child birth. It should be practiced under proper guidance.
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