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Improve your Chances of Getting Pregnant (Diet)

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Diet is the most important part of our life as it determines the status of our health. Diet also affects the fertility levels of a person. If trying to get pregnant, just watch out for the food you eat as it could influence the fertility levels. Do you want to know how you can u improve the chances of getting pregnant with diet? Read on.

Fertility in women is a lot associated with food. Chances of getting pregnant can be effectively enhanced or curbed through food. It has been found in numerous studies that fertility levels are largely affected through the imbalance in taste. Overindulgence in certain tastes can negatively impact the conception prospects. Common tastes like bitter, salty, sour, spicy and sweet have a certain effect when moderately consumed. There can be a major imbalance in the body if any of it is overindulged in. so in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant, just carefully note your

Prefer Alkaline than Acidic Foods

These are the common foods that are alkaline in nature – non-citrus fruits, vegetables, grasses, herbs and vegetables. Dairy products, meat and grains comprise the acidic category, which should be avoided. This is because they tend to turn the cervical mucus acidic, which is a hostile environment to sperms. The sperm requires an alkaline atmosphere to survive in the female body. You also need to chew your food properly as the saliva which is emitted in the process also has an alkalizing impact.

Go for Organic Food and Hormone-Free Meats

Hormones get hugely affected by a host of chemicals and pesticides that are found in commonly available vegetables and meat. They are found to contain estrogen-like synthetic material that can potentially wreck havoc on the endocrine system. The natural, organic foods are free from this risk and therefore preferred as they aid the desired functioning of the female hormones.

Dairy products must be avoided if you are suffering from endometriosis or fibroids. The estrogen in the dairy product stimulates their growth and hinders conception. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome must also avoid dairy products.

The lean red meat of cattle that is grass fed or organically grown are safe from the hormones, antibiotics and related contaminants. But red meat should be restricted to small helpings and not more than a couple of times a week. Instead, organically grown white meat is much safer. 

Don’t Overlook the Essential Fatty Acids

Your diet must contain alpha-linolenic and linolenic acid. They play a major role in readily releasing the egg and ease out the ovulation process. These highly important essential fatty acids are readily obtainable from raw nuts, flaxseeds, green leafy vegetables, eggs and fish.

Have a lot of Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables comprise of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. They contain an essential ingredient like indolylmethane which effectively stimulate the usage of the natural estrogen in the body, thereby aiding in successful pregnancy.

Take Minerals and Multivitamins

It is important to take the required mineral and vitamin supplements that protects and sustains the woman’s reproductive health. They can effectively enhance her fertility levels. Most of them can be naturally obtained from the regular diet like, from the soy products, cheese, leafy veggies like spinach and from bananas and artichokes.

Keep your Sugar Level in Check

Legumes are very healthy due to their high fiber and protein content and their ability to regulate the blood sugar levels. They can effectively reduce the polycystic ovarian syndrome and thereby resolve fertility issues. It is also important to avoid commercial fruit juices and refined flour and sugars for the same reason.

Abstain from Caffeine, Alcohol and Nicotine Intake

Nicotine is extremely harmful and known to age out the ovaries of the woman. Her eggs gradually become resistant to fertilization. So when you decide to become pregnant it is wise to give it up. Caffeine and alcohol can result in hormonal imbalances and hamper the fertilization and conception. 

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Prerna sanyal.4 years ago
you should give more importance to you diet before planning to conceive. if your diet is not healthy then you will have problems in conceiving. a healthy diet is pre-requisite to conception. a healthy body will give birth to a healthy baby
Reeva.4 years ago
i am a working woman. i have a very busy life. my dinner and lunch are not not regular and healthy. i sometimes skip breakfast also. i am trying to have a baby. will this affect my chances of having a baby.
Pragyshree.4 years ago
i am surprised to know that diet plays an important role in conception. instead of relying on supplements one should have a healthy diet. good food have no side effects and also promote good health.
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