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Getting Pregnant after Menopause

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Menopause was thought to be the end of the reproductive years for a woman but it is now not so. With advancement in medical technology, getting pregnant after menopause is possible. Chances of conception after menopause are very slim but possible. Pregnancy after menopause is with complications. The health of the mother and of the baby is at risk. Read on the tips for conception if planning to get pregnant during initial years of menopause.

Menopause marks the end of the reproductive cycle in a woman, or so is the popular notion. But physiologically and even medically there are still chances that the woman can get pregnant even after hitting her menopausal years. The child bearing ability in the woman surely falls but it’s basically not all together impossible to still conceive a child in this stage.

How is This Possible?

Pregnancy can result in a menopausal stage in the condition when the menstruation is still on in the woman. The point here to understand that menstruation is a sign that the ovulation is still taking place. So when the egg is being released by the ovary and it meets the sperm, there are chances of a successful conception and pregnancy too.

However, it also thereby becomes natural that if menstruation has totally stopped, conception and pregnancy may not at all happen. This is because there are no more eggs in your ovaries that can be released.

So when menstruation sets in for good, there is almost no chance of pregnancy as there is no egg to meet the sperm, get fertilized and develop into a fetus. But the only situation where pregnancy is possible is when the menopause has not entirely set in, that is the peri-menopausal stage. During this period, ovulation becomes irregular but is totally stopped. Eggs get released from the ovaries every now and then and if it happens to get fertilized by the sperm on the ‘perfect’ moment, pregnancy can happen. But it should be better noted that chances of conception are rather slim and planning a pregnancy might require serious medical help. Thus we can conclude that pregnancy is not Naturally Possible after Menopause.

Tips for Getting Pregnant after Menopause

Here are a few tips for conception only if you are in the initial stages of menopause or the peri-menopausal stage:

Act Only on Medical Advice

At a later stage when menopause sets in, pregnancy may not be a very smooth ride. There are a lot of risks involved for the mother as well as the child. It is natural to be faced with a series of illness and undesirable complications. Further the baby born out of such a pregnancy stands the risk of congenital birth defects.

Planning pregnancy becomes difficult as it not easy to fix the ovulation date as the menstruation cycle becomes highly irregular. So the doctor is the best person to confirm your likely ovulation date and then you can go ahead with your conception planning.

Do Not Rush into Judgments and Stop Being Fooled by Fake Optimisms

Never plan your life based on myths and old tales like pregnancy is possible even in a seventy year old woman. Nature works on certain laws and it is wise to respect them. Exceptions are rare and obviously they are not the norm. Your ovaries will work according to your age and only they are in a state to produce healthy eggs, there is a possibility that you can get pregnant.

There are a lot of magical ‘herbal’ products available in the market all over the world that claim to make the impossible possible. It is advisable not to trust them and fall prey to duplications and other health hazards. You need to understand the manner in which our body works and once the logic is clear, you will be in a better position to realize that pregnancy is possible only under certain situations. Do not drug yourself when you are not naturally menstruating anymore in pursuit of unrealistic dreams.

Seek other Solutions

If you are desperate to become a mother after permanent menopause, the only logical and proper way is to adopt a child. This will enable you to shower your maternal emotions as well as give a child a loving parent. After all, true happiness ensues from emotional satisfaction. 

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Sherry Kroon.11 months ago
I am 56. I have been post menopausal for about 4 years. I am a newlywed and we are seeking to get pregnant. We will use invitro if we do not have success at some point soon. Is there a natural way for us? How do I know I do not have any more eggs?
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