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How to Help Child Study Well

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Having fun and disliking studies is a distinctive feature of childhood. However, children can study well and score good marks if they start enjoying studies. Parents can play an important role in helping children like and enjoy their studies. Here is how parents can help children study well and do well in exams. 

Right from the time schools start, parents get worried about their children especially when they are not so attentive in class. Children like to play, watch TV and avoid studies. But as a parent it is your duty how to create interest for studies in your child. It is not a matter of one day. You will have to practice it daily.

Remember, every child is different having different interests and hence different grades too. At the same time, every school differs from another and this is the same case with teachers. With so many different scales, you cannot compare the grades and achievements of one child to another. There are many factors that work behind all this. Your intention must be to help your child study well, grasp the topic and understand the subject.

Tips to Help Child Study Well

Follow these tips to the ‘T’ to help your child study well and score good marks in his exams.

Read Jointly

When your child is studying, stay with the child so that he does not feel alone or get distracted easily. You can make him read while reading with him. Researches have shown that children, who read with their parents, perform better in schools. You can provide him with good books and magazines that help him improve his language and knowledge as well. Make your child read out to you. Talk about books and if he has been reading a particular book, talk about the characters and what he liked most. 

Watch Out the TV Time

This is the most important thing that every parent has to have a close watch. The academic excellence will definitely drop if the child watches TV for more hours. It is better you make a routine or limit the watching of the TV. You can select channels that promote educational programs.

Establish a Daily Routine

The child must be convinced to follow a routine, which includes homework time, study time and preparation for the regular tests. Make sure he follows the routine, goes to school daily and try to set aside a quiet and exclusive time for their homework. Also, ask him about his school and what he did in school every day. Make this conversation in such a way that your child feels that you are eager to know about what he did at school. It should not be as an instructor.

Talk to Your Child

Communication is very essential no matter what is the age of your child. If he is a teenager, it becomes all the more important to know what he does in the school, what are his reactions, his likings and dislikes and how is his behaviour in school. Talk and listen to him also. Make it as friendly as possible.

Enroll Them in Different Courses

If you find that your child has the caliber, you can enroll him in challenging courses that will help him excel academically and at the same time help him develop his extracurricular activities also.

Be in Touch With the School

Visit the school from time to time to monitor your child’s growth and behaviour in the school.

If you keep in mind these points and deal with your child politely, patiently and friendly, you will definitely see improvements not only in his studies, his behaviour and attitude as well. He will be more successful in every aspect of life. 

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Payal Raval.2 years ago
Parental involvement is very important while a child studies. It not only helps your child study better, it also leads to a better understadning of your child's faculties and personna for you.
Vivek Rathi.3 years ago
instead of sending a child to tuition, parents should take interest in teaching the kids. This way kids are more comfortable and able to study better.
Sheikh.3 years ago
I have seen children who are very weak in studies get better with studies with parental support. Parents involvement in child's studies can do wonders.
Monica Sood.3 years ago
parents can help a child in his studies, this will give him moral support and he will be able to study well.
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