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Significance of Ramzan Id

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Ramzan Id or Id Ul Fitr is one of the most important festivals for Muslim. This festival marks the end of the holy month Ramzan. On this day Muslims wear new clothes, offer Namaz, prepare traditional food items and meet and greet friends. Read on to know more about the significance and celebration of Ramzan Id.

Ramzan Id or Id Ul Fitr is one of the important occasions for Muslims. It marks the completion of the holy Ramzan month through which Muslims observe fasting. This festival is rejoiced by all Muslims as it is full of blessings of Allah and comes after observing fasting for whole month.

Ramzan is the ninth month in Muslim calendar and is termed as the holy month. Muslims from all over the world greet this month with anticipation and joy. They carry on fast during daytime throughout the month and eat and drink even water only after sunset.

The month of Ramzan is considered as a gift from God and is related to mercy and forgiveness. It is believed that the holy book of Quran was written during this month and so people try to purify their soul with their thoughts and deeds.

Significance of Ramzan Id

Ramzan Id is celebrated by Muslims at the end of the month of Ramzan. The day signifies the breaking of the fast and is decided only after seeing the crescent moon. The celebration extends to three days also. After a whole month of fasting, Muslims rejoice and meet people to celebrate and spread the meaning of brotherhood.

By this time people have gone through a whole month of fasting and doing all deeds in the remembrance of Allah. The day means simply rejoicing and merry making. They believe that fasting will bring them closer to Allah and also help them get rid of their sins of past.

Another significance of Ramzan Id is that people believe in distribution of charity on this day. The charity can be either cash or even foodstuff or clothes or in any form the donor prefers. It is a kind of help to poor and is also believed that by doing this the Muslims purify their wealth.

Celebration of Ramzan Id

Have a quick look at how Ramzan Id or Id Ul Fitr is celebrated by Muslims.

Wearing New Clothes and Offering Prayers

The first thing that Muslims do on this day is get ready in the morning and wear new clothes. Women prepare traditional dishes on this occasion and the market is filled with sweets and snacks for this occasion. People go to the mosque and say special prayer that day.

Giving Donations

Ramzan Id is, in fact, one of the two most important festivals of Muslims. Since Muslims donate lot of money, food stuffs and other things, a huge number of poor people are fed and offered basic items for living on this day. The main intention of the celebration is to rejoice after a month of fasting and help other people enjoy life too.

Marking the Completion of Holy Fasting

The concept of fasting is not to make people starve but to help people take themselves to a level of spiritualism that this helps them get fully devoted to God and feel for those who get very little to eat daily. Fasting also helps get rid of toxins that get accumulated in body otherwise.

Meeting and Greeting Friends and Relatives

The Ramzan Id is celebrated in a unique way all over the world. After the prayers, Muslims greet each other and they do not celebrate the festival only with their families but with neighbourhood and relatives as well. You will find large communal gatherings here and there and people share gifts too with their friends and relatives that day. They try to relive the traditions and Islamic culture at lease for a day or two.

Festivals are great opportunities for people to mix with each other and give life a different meaning. This is the reason why even Hindus participate in the rejoicing in most parts of the world and show their love and appreciation towards the festival and feelings of their Muslim friends. Each year this much awaited festival is celebrated with eagerness and enthusiasm all over the world.
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