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Significance of Bakri Eid/Bakra Eid

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Read an interesting story about Bakri Eid (also referred as Eid-Ul-Azha, Eid-Ul-Zuha or Bakr-Idd), a grand celebration for Muslims.

There are many religions in India. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism are some of the major religions in
India. People of these religions celebrate their festivals colourfully. Muslim festivals like Ramzan and Bakri Eid are celebrated with great will and dedication. Like Ramzan (Eid Ul-Fitr), Bakri Eid (also referred as Eid-Ul-Azha, Eid-Ul-Zuha or Bakr-Idd) is a grand celebration for Muslims. Muslims all over India and outside India celebrate Bakri Eid from the tenth to the twelfth day in the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah.

Significance of Bakri Eid

There is a fascinating story that states the
significance of Bakri Eid. Once, Allah challenged Prophet Ibrahim, the friend of Allah and the father of Prophets. Ibrahim had to prove his faith in Allah. Allah asked him to sacrifice the dearest and nearest one in his life. Ibrahim decided to take up the challenge and decided to sacrifice his son Ismail.

Ibrahim's faith in Allah

His love towards his son was as strong as his faith in Allah. Though his heart went numb, he put his son on the altar at the mount of Mina near Mecca. It was impossible to see his son dying in front of his eyes. He could not imagine slaying his own child but he could not deny the order of higher power.

Ibrahim sacrifices his son

He closed his eyes and raised the sharp sword. Reciting Allah's name he divided the head from the body. He opened his eyes and could not believe on his senses. His son Ismail was standing healthy and hearty in front of his eyes. A dead ram with his head apart was lying in the pool of blood. Ibrahim emerged as a winner as he accepted god's challenge with complete faith.

Power of Allah and Quran

Since then people ardently believe in the mercy of Allah and in the authenticity of Quran. They devotionally sacrifice a ram on Eid-Ul-Zuha. On the holy occasion of Eid-Ul-Zuha, prayers are offered by
Muslims and animals are sacrificed to show faith and sincerity towards Islam. The festival also signifies the Ibrahim's belief in almighty.

On the occasion of Bakri Eid, Muslims sacrifice animals (goat or ox) in admiration of prophet Ibrahim's faith in Allah. This sacrifice is known as qurbani. A Muslim, who performs slaughter, makes three portions of the meat. He shares the meat with his fellow beings. One third part of the meat is distributed amongst the poor. One third part of the meat is for family and friends of the person who bought the animal. The last third part is for the household of the butcher. For Muslims Bakri Eid is the time to meet relatives, to enjoy feasts, and to seek Allah's blessings. May Allah shower his blessing on you! Happy Bakri Eid!

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Muskan.2 years ago
I never knew the significance behind this festival. It is nice to know the story behind celebration of this festival.
.2 years ago
I agree with shrenik completely
shrenik.5 years ago
a crooked cruel ritual set in barbaric medeival times still continues in 2010.
i am not against any religion but i am against a ritual which mercilessly kills thousands of animals which is inhuman
Millions of animals will be sacrificed mercilessly, so i request u all as many of us have muslim friends, to convince them, not to be part of such a ritual that mercilessly butchers innocent animals.
during eid the butchering of animals especially goats increases about 10 times and i really feel sad
If each member convinces one muslim, atle…ast 10000+ animals could be
i truely feel God does not like killing of animals who have done no wrong just in the name of God
how do you justify that mercilessly killing of animals pleases GOD and makes him happy?????????

the cruel muslim ritual of "qurbani"....slowly killing a goat....lopping of meat chunks off it ....and eating it after cookeing the meat chunks...and yes.....howling allah hu akbar while the hapless goat is being slaughtered slowly as per so called "halal"

this violent barbaric ritual has led to the complete decimation of goat population in the muslim much so that non muslim countries are exporting live cattle and goats to muslim countries for slaughter.
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I just like to celebrate Bakri Id. I go with my father and younger brother to buy goat. Then every body comes to our place to have mutton and Biryani. It just tastes so good. I just tell my mom to mak...
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