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Common Illness caused During Rainy Season

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Rainy season brings lot of fun, greenery and cool climate with it. However, it also invites lot of health disorders as well. Dealing with such illnesses associated with rainy season is not very difficult. You should be aware of certain quick remedies if you cope with such illnesses due to rainy season. Parents of small children need to be extra-careful during rainy season to prevent such disorder. Read on to know more about it.



Rainy season comes with lot of fun, excitement and along with it there are host of infections that are prevalent during this season. People should be aware of these problems so that they can take necessary precautions during this season. The most common illness is related to respiratory system and water and food borne diseases cannot be overlooked.


Cold and flu are common illness that is found in rainy season and this is usually due to fluctuation in the temperature. If you are a student, a working citizen or a mom, you need to protect yourself from these illnesses and prevent from getting sick.


When rain starts pouring in, you first look for a shelter and try to save yourself from getting drenched. However, a shelter can save you from getting wet in rain but it will not protect you from catching any kind of infection. This is especially when your immune system is very low.

Common Illness caused During Rainy Season
    • Dengue
    • Cold
    • Flu
    • Food infection
    • Water infection
    • Cholera
    • Leptospirosos is caused by bacteria that can be carried either by a man or some animal. Its severe form can damage kidney, lever, meningitis and respiratory failure.

Precautions During Rainy Season
  • Keep Rain Gear With you Always – The most effective thing that you can do is to keep your rain gear always ready when you go out in rainy season. A raincoat with hooded jacket and waterproof shoes are the best items.


  • Vitamin C – Increasing the intake of Vitamin C either in natural form or as food supplement will help you drive away the cold virus faster. It is still a matter of debate among doctors whether Vitamin C is cure for cold. However, a healthy supply of this vitamin will activate your antibodies and reduce the severity of cold, undoubtedly.


  • Shower After Being Caught in Rain – Although it sounds very unusual because if you are drenched in rain, you will never want to take another shower. But taking a shower after you have been caught in rain will protect you from many infections.


  • Hot Drinks – After you come back home caught in a rain, take a shower, dry yourself and wear dry and clean clothes. The best thing is to make a hot soup for yourself or at least drink a cup of hot milk. This will help you from catching cold or save you from catching any kind of infection that can occur due to sudden change in the temperature of the body.


  • Cleanliness – Cleanliness is very important during rainy season. Even if you catch a cold, you should clean your hands regularly and use a sanitizer always after that.


  • Drink Plenty of Water – Water intake may reduce naturally because of the sudden drop in the temperature of the environment. It is good to drink plenty of water and do not wait to get thirsty to drink water. This will help you drain toxins from your body.


  • Watch Out your Intake – Try to eat nutritious food and avoid eating out during rainy season. Prepare meal with full precaution and maintain health and hygiene throughout the house.


It is very important to keep yourself protected during the rainy season because you can catch infection frequently. It is always better to take precautions and be prepared whenever you go out of your home.

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Sunita.3 months ago
Immunity is boosted by all these precautions and care taken , but its also important to eat hygienically clean food and purified water .
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Sanket.1 year ago
Thanks for the info.
Rajesh.1 year ago
Hi Sanket, you just have to wear it like a badge or with the strap around the neck & it does the rest.
Sanket.1 year ago
How samurai virus buster work???
Rajesh.1 year ago
By far samurai virus buster is the best remedy I've tried to boost your immune system. You may do just about any hard work and this product will protect you from getting any cold like symptoms.
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