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Feng shui for children

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By - Shubhaangi Abhay Pant (Feng shui expert)

Feng shui remedies are used to enhance and make life prosperous. Feng shui also provides remedies to correct child behavioral problems and problems in child's academic life. Read on to know how feng shui remedies can be used for children.

Feng shui can be effectively used to deal with the various problems in life. Feng shui can also influence behaviour of the human beings. Many times feng shui remedies are used to deal with the child's irrelevant behaviour. Read on to know how feng shui remedies can prove useful to deal with children and their problems.

Feng shui is very effective when it comes to children. If you think that your child is misbehaving or not able to sleep properly, you need to check the feng shui of your house. Such problems can result due to improper feng shui of your house. However, you do not need to worry much. Here are some quick feng shui tips to correct the feng shui of your house for enhancing life of your child.

Check the sleeping direction and conditions

According to feng shui, sleeping directions and conditions highly influence person's behaviour. If the child's head is pointed to one of his or her improper directions, the child will not perform well in his or her academics. They will also not behave well with his or her siblings and others.

Feng shui remedy

Find out whether a beam is coming straight on the top of the head of your child or not. If the beam is directly coming on the top of his or her head move the bed in such a way that it does not come on the head. Also make sure that the head of the bed is not positioned against a window. Avoid making use of water beds as it does not provide proper support while sleeping. Such beds are also a sign of incorrect feng shui.

Education energisers

Main reason for most of the parent's worry is the child's academic performance. If child is not doing well in his studies parents are upset and some parents also start shouting and yelling at them. However, shouting and yelling will not solve the problem. You can try some feng shui remedies which can prove to be miraculous. A proper feng shui remedy can enhance learning abilities of children.

Feng shui remedy

For enhancing education luck, place a Crystal Globe in the North East of your child's bedroom or study room. You can also place a Dragon Carp for study luck.

Check the toilets and staircase

Some times a wrong layout of the house may create bad effects on the lives of the individuals. Feng shui is also efficient to deal with such errors. Similarly it can have effects on your child's life too. If the bedroom of your child faces a toilet or a staircase, the negative energy will cause your child to be very disobedient, angry, low enthusiasm in his or her schoolwork.

Feng shui remedy

To rectify the error hang a wind chime outside the door. Hanging a wind chime outside the door will help to deal with the negative energies. It will help to keep the negative energies away from the child. Correcting the feng shui of your house will start showing its immediate effect on your child's life. However you should make sure that you take proper consultation if you wish to do a feng shui for your entire house.

Placing energised feng shui products in your house are more effective than the normal once. So make sure that you get the feng shui products energised from a feng shui expert. Feng shui will bring lot of prosperity to your life if done correctly. It will make your personal life, family life and social life happier.

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kalyani.3 years ago
Hello every one can anyone pls tell me whether feng shui items should only be gifted by somebody and should not be bought by ourselves?and it even should not be gifted to family members also?eg. wife to husband.pls pls let me know asap.
shawn.6 years ago
it was amazing to know all the placements. i never knew laughing buddha also need to be kept at a particular place.
very informative article.
CK.6 years ago
informative indeed. good to know that colors, placements could mean so much to a happy house. thank you india parenting.
Prathyusha.6 years ago
i heard that laughing budha should only be gifted to us, we shuold not by it directly, someone should give us like a gift, is this right, and also one more query, wat type of metal ahould the budha be, it should be made of wood, or porcelean, or mud or a copper metal or some particular type of metal?? pls answer my query if anybody knows this..
Aradwyn.6 years ago
i have been looking for a picture of the laughing buddha and it seems you can only get statues. is there a reason for this?
kom.6 years ago
i am curious to know about fengshui more and more please tell me the website adress or book where i can full fill my desire to know about fengshui detaily. please any one help me.
neha.6 years ago
can we keep broken laughing budha in the house or its need to replace
vppillil.6 years ago
i asked my boss to get me laughing budha from far where to keep it in the house and which direction to have a beneficial effect?
christopher.6 years ago
i have recently been given a laughing buddha, how do i welcome the buddha in too my house?
KAVITA. PATEL.6 years ago
i beleive in feng shui and vaastu, i
have a laughing buddha in my house,but i have kept it in the cupboard,i dont know where to actually place it please advise me.
also i am having a lot of problems in my married life,i have been married 14years now,i have two children,but i am very disturbed because my husband is having an affair with a very bad girl. please help me.
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