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You are here : home > Alternative Healing > Feng Shui > How to Attract Positive Energy around Children?

How to Attract Positive Energy around Children?

How to Attract Positive Energy around Children?

Untitled DocumentPositive vibes help children to grow-up into healthy, happy and well-balanced individuals. Have a quick look at some tips for attracting positive energy around your children.

Positive Energy or Chi as it is called in Feng Shui is responsible for attracting good fortune, positive events and wish fulfilment in life. As a parent it is perfectly natural that you would want your kids to have the best that life can offer them. With a little effort and by following some simple tricks you will be able to attract positive energy in the life of your children.


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Positive energy is negatively affected by clutter and congestion. If you want to fill your kid’s lives with positive energy then your first job should be to remove all clutter from your home. Set up a weekly decluttering day in which you throw, give or recycle all unnecessary and unwanted stuff that keeps piling up at home. If your kids are too young to clean up after themselves then make sure that you do this for them. The best thing is that your kids will learn the skill of neatness from you. So, what are you waiting for? Start decluttering your house right away by following these simple tips.

 Have Some Daily Decluttering Time

 It is good to declutter the house once in a week but if you have some decluttering time every day your work will reduce to a greater extent.

 Maintain a Trash Box

 Have a trash box in which you can put the things that are not required anymore. You can empty this trash box every week.

 Donate What is Not Required

 You can make someone’s day by donating the things that you do not use anymore. Such things can include your child’s old clothes, books, toys etc.

 Make a List

 It is very easy to forget about the things that you don’t require anymore as you don’t use them anymore. Make a list of such things so that you can get rid of them whenever you get time.

 Take Help of Family Members

 You can assign different areas of your home to your family members. Give the responsibility of decluttering a particular area to each of your family members.


Music is one of the best therapeutic forces in the world and it has an immensely positive effect on the mind as well as body. According to research, listening to music can reduce stress, frustration and the negative forces of the mind. Listening to the right kind of music can also increase concentration, focus and physical well-being. Make sure that your children develop a taste for listening to fine musical compositions by Masters like Beethoven and Mozart as this will help fill their lives with positive energy. Here are some ways through which you can introduce music in your child’s life.

 Play Devotional Songs

 Make a habit of playing devotional songs early in the morning or in the evening every-day. Listening to devotional songs is the best way to attract positive energy in the house.

 Play Mantras

 Different Mantras like Gayatri Mantra, Shiv Mantra, Shanti Mantra, Ganesh Mantra etc; have power to attract positive energy and destroy all the negative thoughts and negative energies in life.

Play Relaxation Music

 Play relaxation music that is suitable for children. Relaxation music is useful for providing peace to the mind, body and soul. It helps to recharge the body positively.

 Play Meditation Music

 Meditation is a very useful tool for developing focus, concentration and positive thinking in children. Encourage your children to meditate for at least 10 to 15 minutes in a day to attract positive thinking in them.


Being around living and growing things has a very positive regenerative effect on the minds of children. It has been scientifically proven that children who were exposed to activities like gardening from their early years develop a more humane and kinder approach as adults.

Gardening teaches kids the skill and patience needed to nurture life and watching plants and herbs grow soothes their mind. Gardening will also wean your kids away from detrimental activities like too many video games and unsuitable TV content. Here is how you can involve your children in gardening.

 Gift Plants

 Instead of giving toys or chocolates as gifts, you can give plants to your child on special occasions.

 Visit a Plant Nursery

 Visit a plant nursery with your child and encourage him or her to choose plants for his or her mini garden. Visiting a plant nursery can help you to inculcate love for gardening in your children.

 Buy Positive Plants

 Encourage your child to buy indoor plants that attract positive energy. Such plants include feng shui plants like bamboo plants, money plants, snake plants etc.


Practice Gratitude

Gratitude brings about a happy content feeling in the mind and this in turn attracts positive energy. Teach your kids the art of gratefulness and they are sure to mature into healthy content adults.

 You need to sit down with your children once a week and list down all the things that you are grateful about. Then ask your kids to make their own lists and read them aloud. This activity will immediately generate a positive vibe in the minds of your children as they realise the many things that they are blessed with. Listed below are a few ways which you can follow to encourage your child to practice gratitude.

 Gratitude Jar

 Take an empty jar and label it as ‘Gratitude Jar’. Encourage your child to every day write a note on what he or she is grateful for and put this note in the ‘Gratitude Jar’. At the end of the month ask your child to read all the notes aloud. 

 ‘Thank You’ Letter

 Encourage your child to write a ‘Thank You’ letter every week. You can encourage him or her to write a letter to any of the family members every week. Tell him or her to express gratitude towards that person.

 Gratitude Journal

 Make a Gratitude Journal for your child. Encourage your child to write about the great things that happen in his or her life every day at the end of the day in the Gratitude Journal.

 Gratitude ScrapBook

 Get your child a scrap book and create a ‘Gratitude ScrapBook’for him or her. Encourage your child to write about himself or herself in this book. Tell him to write about the things that belong to him or her and why he or she feels grateful to have these things. 

Shed All Negative Thoughts

Anger, resentment, jealousy and the desire to control others are just some of the negative forces that suck away the positive energy out of your kid’s lives. You need to teach your children to let go off their negative feelings so that more space is available for the positive energy to work its wonders.

 Negative thoughts are difficult to eradicate completely so what you can do is to teach your kids to counsel themselves by self-motivation whenever their minds are hit by negative urges. Here are some ways that you can follow to help your child avoid negative thoughts.

 Create Positive Thoughts

 Create positive thoughts so that this way of thinking is passed on to your child. Avoid complaining unnecessarily. If you keep complaining unnecessarily this habit will be passed on to your child which may develop negative thinking in him or her. 

Teach to Accept the Reality

 Accepting reality is one of the important things that one can do to think positive and adopt a positive attitude. Teach your child that we cannot change certain things in our life and we have to accept them as they are or work towards improving these things.

 Teach Problem Solving

 It is very important to teach problem solving skills to children so that they do not get stuck in their problems. Getting stuck in the vicious circle of problems can develop negative attitudes in children. Teach your child that every problem has a solution and there is no need to worry.

 Change the Way They Perceive Things

 Encourage your child to look at the things from a positive perspective. If someone is troubling your child tell him or her to discuss what is the problem. Teach your child that when there is a problem it is necessary to look at it from a positive perspective and work towards resolving it.

 Empathise with Your Child

 If your child is coping with any negative emotions, it is very important that you empathise with your child. Expressing your empathy towards your child is surely going to help your child to deal with the negative emotions easily.

 Encourage Activities

 Involving children in different activities like drawing, crafts, painting or any other extracurricular activity of their choice can help to divert their attention from negativity. When they are involved in good activities, they can automatically divert their mind from negative thinking and negative thoughts.

Spread Love

Love is the antidote to all negative elements. Spread love throughout your home by warm and friendly conversation, hugs and kisses and verbal demonstration of your love as a family unit.The knowledge that parents love them and dote on them can be the biggest support for a child. A mind which receives and acknowledges love will automatically shed off its negativity to morph into a positive and happy frame. Here some tips that you can follow to inculcate love and empathy in your children.

 Be a Role Model

 It is necessary to be a good role model for children in order to inculcate love and empathy in them. Be loving and caring to your child as well as others in the family so that he or she can imbibe similar behaviour.

 Say Nice Things

 Shower a lot of love by saying nice things to your child. Genuinely praise your child so that he feels nice about himself or herself. Saying good things about children can genuinely help to boost their self-esteem and confidence. Boosted self-esteem and confidence can surely attract positive energy towards your child.

 Inculcate Caring Nature

 Caring is one of the ways to express love for someone. By caring for others one can definitely spread positivity. Teach your child to be caring towards neighbours, friends, senior citizens and animals around him or her. 

 Inculcate Selflessness

 Being selfless is one of the essentials for spreading love. Teach your children that they can get a lot of happiness by making others happy. They should have more concern for the happiness and wishes of others than their own happiness. They should have concern for the happiness of their loved ones.  

 Read Stories About Spreading Love

 Read stories about spreading love and happiness to your child. It will surely develop empathy for others in your child. Talk about happy emotions and feelings. These feelings will surely bring joy and positivity in your child’s life.


Focus on Your Child’s Strengths

Identify your child’s strengths. Work on boosting your child’s strengths. Let your child do the good things that he or she likes to do. Working on your child’s strengths will definitely help to boost your child’s soul power and attract positive energy towards him or her. Here are some ways that you can follow.

Write Down Strengths

 Write down your child’s strengths. Writing your child’s strengths down can help you to focus on them better. You can make a separate book for writing about your child’s strengths and tracking their progress.  

 Important Milestones

 Make a note of all the important milestones that your child has achieved with the help of his or her strengths. Remind your child about these milestones so that he or she can always focus on the good things that he or she has done.

 Set Goals

 Set new goals for your child to achieve. Ask your child about how he or she will use his or her strengths to achieve these goals. Keep your child motivating in order to work towards these goals. Achievement of new goals will boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence thereby boosting the positive energy within and around him.

 Now that you know the secrets of attracting positive energy make sure that you try them out at the earliest.

 Why is it necessary to attract positive energy around children? Which activities can help to attract positive energy around children? What are the effects of negative vibes on children? Discuss here.

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Barkha.4 years ago
Keeping child's room clean and neat, doing puja every morning can help to attract positive energy around kids.
Hemali.4 years ago
Happy and cheerful environment at home can help to attract positive energy around kids.
Sarbani.4 years ago
Yelling and shouting at kids can attract a lot of negative energy around kids.
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