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Teaching Kids to Meditate

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Teaching kids to meditate at an early age is a good way to make sure that kid stays healthy and fit. Meditation can provide lot of benefits to kids. Meditation can improve concentration power of kids and help them do well in studies. Read on to find tips for teaching kids to meditate and benefits of meditation for kids.

Meditation helps reduce stress and helps improve self-awareness and concentration. Just as we adults have to face different types of stresses, children also face lot of pressure in their life and experience stress. It is comparatively very difficult for them to come out of this strain or anxiety. Meditation will help them overcome these problems and face the world with self-confidence and high self-esteem.

It is difficult to make children sit in one place for a long time. But you can teach them with the help of some simple techniques and lot of patience. Do not over estimate or under estimate your child. Also, let him take his own time to get along with these changes and techniques.

Guidelines for Teaching Kids to Meditate

  • Ensure that your child is wearing comfortable clothes and the temperature of the room is also relaxed and comfy.
  • Make the child lie down on bed, mat or floor with his hands, legs and head relaxed.
  • Introduce meditation as a relaxing method for mind and body. Explain that this relaxation is done through breathing exercises.
  • Do not just instruct him. Let him know that he is doing this because it will make him feel better, calm down and solve various problems.
  • Start the process by asking your child think about any imaginary place where he would love to be. It can be a warm beach, a garden full of flowers or a quiet place on terrace. Let him imagine and fee he is lying there. Do not ask him to open his eyes.
  • Now slowly make him concentrate on his breathing. Let the breathing process be slow, steady and rhythmic. Let him concentrate on his breathing while imagining himself lying on his favourite place and surroundings.
  • Let him feel the relaxation in his mind and body. Do not ask too many questions. Just let him calm down and loosen up. Let him lie done there for few minutes.
  • After that, ask him to open his eyes slowly and then slowly stretch and sit up. Nothing should be done hurriedly.

You or your child will see real results after few sessions. It takes time to get habituated. You will have to convince and persuade your child to perform this everyday for some time and he will definitely feel changes and positive results.

Benefits of Meditation for Kids

  • Meditation is not only beneficial to calm down children or solve problems with stress. They will be able to handle stress and pressure of all types in a matured and cool manner.
  • Meditation improves memory. He will be able to concentrate more and his memory will get sharper day by day with regular practice of meditation.
  • He will learn how to focus in a better way.
  • Meditation will improve imagination and creativity in your child.
  • He will have good relationship with other children. Probably he will motivate his friends and teach them to meditate as well.
  • Self control and discipline will increase and the child will have strong bonding with the family.
  • There will be balance in his behaviour.

Just keep in mind that meditation is not only a journey of emotions and relaxation. It is also a spiritual, mental and physical journey of change. The child who will perform meditation regularly will feel changes in himself also and that too in all areas.

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