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This asana are a great help to diabetes patients and have numerous other benefits too.

This looks simple, but is in fact one of the most difficult asanas to do. 


1. Sit on a mat with your legs stretched straight out in front of you. 

2. Breathe OUT. Slowly bend forward, trying to touch your feet. Don't bend your knees. 

3. If you feel a constriction while bending, straighten up slightly and then try and bend further forward. 

4. Don't push yourself too hard. You may not be able to get very far if you are a beginner. Don't get impatient and push yourself too hard. You will only injure your muscles. Just bend forward as far as you can go.

5. It is important that you hold this pose. There is no point in just bouncing back and forth.  

6. Exhale, while returning to normal position. 


  • Stretches the back and spine
  • Stretches the shoulders 
  • Stretches the hamstrings
  • Beneficial for the kidneys, liver, ovaries and uterus. (It is thus a must for women. It also helps ease menstrual discomfort.)
  • Beneficial for diabetics and improves digestion. 

Don't attempt this asana if:

You have back problems, asthma or diarrhea.

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Mihir.6 years ago
this asana has been really helpful for me as i practice yoga regularly
Mahesh Prasad.6 years ago
very nice to read this article-about yoga this asanas really help. i felt very happy that you are advicing yoga postures.
i am a yoga teacher since last 10yrs.i seen many womens got benifits with this asanas.
best regards
mahesh prasad
Sarah.6 years ago
thank you for the conception advice! i am trying to have a baby, and i have been trying for four years. i am about to have ivf and i want to do everything i can to help the process succeed. your advice is simple, and the photos are very helpful. this is good information, generously offered.
Ramji.6 years ago
it is one of the best asanas and one can reap benefits if it is done regularly.
ira.6 years ago
this is very helpful asana if one can hold for atleast 10 min.
siddharth.6 years ago
what about the people who have stiff joints and cannot fully attain the posture?
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