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Side Effects of Abortion Pills

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Abortion pills are either prescribed by the doctor or can be bought in any drug store without prescription. You should know about the related facts and the side effects of abortion pills. Watch out how dangerous it can become sometimes. Read on to know what it is and how it works as well.

Although abortion pills are considered as quick and easy method of getting rid of unwanted pregnancy, they have side effects no doubt. Many women want to know what an abortion pill is and how it works. In fact, an abortion pill is a chemical, mifepristone that is used to terminate the pregnancy that is possible within the first two months. Though it is an FDA approved drug but every patient is different and can have different effects as well.

Complications Due to Abortion Pills

Usually the complications are as follows  

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Cramps that can be painful
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Points to be Noted Before Using an Abortion Pill

  • The chemical triggers the abortion and it is possible that there is incomplete abortion in some cases. Even though it is available freely, it should be taken with prior consent of your doctor. The doctor is the best to decide whether you are fit to take the pill or not.
  • Patients that are suffering from heart disease, asthma, diabetes, anemia or some other problems are not suggested this drug. Heavy smokers and HIV patients are also suggested not to undergo this kind of abortion.
  • Even if some of the abortion pills are considered quite safe, the woman should be aware of the side effects beforehand. This is because if the side effects turn to be life threatening, it is attended immediately. For example if the woman bleeds a lot, it can be a problem and she needs to see a doctor without delay. Too much or too little bleeding can turn dangerous and needs to be attended by a specialist.
  • There is possibility of infection if the abortion process is left incomplete. This can be an additional risk for the woman and it should be focused as soon as possible.
  • Some women might feel painful cramps and if they are severe, proper pain medication will help.
  • If there is any kind of injury to the fallopian tube, it might result in complications and the woman might face difficulty in conceiving in future.

It has been observed that the abortion pills have plenty of side effects and women should understand that it is not the only way to terminate their pregnancy. It is always better to consult a doctor before taking any kind of step. You never know what will go wrong in the way and might affect your entire life.

Remember, precaution is better than cure. It is not the question of ethics or belief, but it is the matter of your life and the generation that is to come through your medium. Abortion itself has some risks involved, but if it is done with the hands of experienced and skilled specialist, the risks are minimum.

Apart from the physical side effects, one should not forget the psychological effects that these have on the woman. Most of them feel depressed and other emotional pains for a long time. These effects are

  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Thoughts of death
  • Feeling of being cruel
  • Flashbacks

These effects are quite natural of a woman to feel when she goes through abortion, either willingly or she is forced to do it either because of social or family problems. However, stress management techniques may work wonders to cope with such situation.

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John.7 months ago
Each and every medicine has some side effect like that abortion pill contains some side effects. But if you take abortion pill with proper medical guideline then you don’t show any side effects. Abortion pill are get approved by FDA to terminate the unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks.
Visit online shop to get more details about abortion pills.
John.7 months ago
Each and every medicine has some side effect like that abortion pill contains some side effects. But if you take abortion pill with proper medical guideline then you don’t show any side effects. Abortion pill are get approved by FDA to terminate the unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks.
bhavika.1 year ago
Hi friends

I want to share my experience on using mtp kit. Within 3 months this was the second may month it was 40 days and the five tablets were taken in 12 hrs of interval for first time I started bleeding in 2hours and I was afraid may be the abortion pill have not worked because the bleeding stop I went to dr again and gone through the scanning process and report was very much clear that I got aborted after 4 the day I got bleeding heavily for 7 days without any side effects. For second time we used protection but without my knowledge I got conceived again this time it was for 32 days without consulting the doctor but I didn't have any pain or side effects it was 3rd day of t the pill a little bit of spot I came across this time I was really afraid and went to dr for check up to confirm that that my decision of pill was correct or not.after check up my dr advice me that we will wait for a week and then after 5 days I got first bleeding with light spots then it is continued for 3 days this time also without side effects.
Pretzel Linn.3 years ago
indiscriminate use of abortion pill should be avoided. it will cause complications. it is better to visit a gynec. before opting for abortion. when 14 weeks have passed, a gynec. should be consulted.
Gordia Stevens.3 years ago
Abortion pills are chemicals and so they have side effects. after two months abortion with abortion pills is not safe. it can create a lot of complications.
Aquinna Fontanilla.4 years ago
What if the abortion pills I've taken on my third month didn't worked out? Will the baby might get affected?
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