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Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

It is alright to have sex in case of normal pregnancy. But, if you are coping with certain complication you must avoid sex. You should also be aware of some things before you have sex during pregnancy. Here are few things you must know before having sex during pregnancy.

Just because you are pregnant does not mean your sex life is going to take a nosedive and be relegated to cold storage for nine months! In fact, sex at this time can be great fun, since you do not have to worry about birth control anymore! So throw away the rubber. You would not need them for another nine months. However, there are certain things you need to consider. Let us take a look at certain precautions that you need to take while having sex during pregnancy.

Things to Know Before Having Sex during Pregnancy

Here are some things which you should be aware of if you are having sex during pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancies

If the woman is in the category of 'high risk pregnancies', then it is better to stick to standard sexual positions. Leave fantasy out of the bedroom for a while, or consult your physician to find out what positions are safe in your particular case.

Breaking of Water

In the case of a normal pregnancy, it is perfectly safe to have sex until the woman's water breaks. After that, any sexual intercourse or insertion into the vagina can cause infection.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Now it is the time, more than ever, to stay faithful to your spouse. Stay away from sexually transmitted diseases (STD), as they could seriously harm your baby. If you or your partner is coping with any such disease, stay away from sex and consult your obstetrician for taking right treatment.

Spotting or Bleeding

Sometimes a woman may notice spotting, or she may start bleeding from her vagina. If this occurs, she should consult her gynaecologist immediately. Until the gynaecologist has given her the green signal, sexual activity should be stopped.

Other Complications during Pregnancy

Your obstetrician may advise you against having sex if you are coping with pregnancy complications. He or she may advise you to avoid sex if you are coping with the risk of miscarriage or premature labour. Sex is also ought to be avoided in case of complications like leaking amniotic fluid, premature dilation of cervix, increased vaginal discharge, placenta previa, pregnancy with twins or multiples etc.

Some Other Facts

Women may have longer lasting orgasms than when they were not pregnant. Enjoy it while it lasts! This is perfectly normal. Some women may experience cramps after an orgasm. This is also normal and not a cause for concern. Cunnilingus (going down on a woman), is fine, but make sure that no air is blown into the vagina.

Things to Know Before Having Sex After Delivery

After delivery, wait for 4 to 6 weeks before resuming intercourse, in the case of a normal delivery. If the woman has had a c-section, the wait may be longer, depending on the time it takes for the stitches to heal. If the pain is still there, consult your gynaecologist before having sex.

Sometimes, while nursing, the woman may get aroused. She may even have an orgasm. This is perfectly normal, so there is no need to beat yourself up with feelings of guilt.

When having sex after delivery, if the woman is still nursing, milk may leak from her breasts during orgasm. This, again, is perfectly normal and no cause for concern.

Her vagina may not get as lubricated as it did pre-pregnancy, especially during the period she is still nursing. Make use of artificial lubricants as per your doctor’s prescription.

And remember, if sex is not on the cards as often as you like, focus on romance. Do things together. Sing to your baby, go for long walks, hold hands, or just cuddle up. It is time to fall in love - all over again!

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Ranjeet.7 years ago
nice information....this article has debunked many myths so sex during pregnancy is fine as long as both the partners are comfortable and there is no complication in pregnancy
Ibrahim.7 years ago

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dev kothari
dev kothari.8 years ago
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