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Relevance of Milestones

Relevance of Milestones

Parents have many anxious moments when they have a new born baby. This definitive guide for Indian parents on parenting, child development and child’s healthcare, with a panel of doctors will definitely help them.

Parents are very curious about the achievement of developmental milestones by their babies. They also get worried if the milestones are not achieved by babies on time. Here are some common concerns of parents related to developmental milestones in babies.

I can't wait for that first smile

Before you had a baby, you probably never gave much thought to the most basic functions that adults take for granted. You cannot remember a time when you could not sit, stand, walk or speak. Now you have a newborn baby in your hands and you just do not know what to expect. This tiny creature is like a blank slate and parents spend many anxious moments waiting for that first smile, the first sign of recognition and the first day your baby stands up.

When do I consider my child fully developed?

A baby is a thing of joy forever. Parents are constantly fascinated and often delighted and surprised as they watch their baby grow up. From the time they are born, babies are constantly learning and growing, gaining new abilities and mastering new skills. Ability is inherent, but a child's immediate environment will determine how the ability develops and grows. Development is an ongoing process from birth to about 18 years i.e. until physical maturity.

What can I do to encourage my baby’s development?

There are lot of things that parents can do to encourage growth and development in babies. Here are few things that parents can do in order to stimulate growth and development in their babies.

Talking to Babies

Talking to their babies is one of the most important things that parents can do. It can boost speaking and listening skills in babies and also stimulate their brain power. Babies who are talked to by their parents frequently develop speech much faster as compared to other babies. Conversation with babies is not just limited to talking but it can be singing songs to them, telling stories to them, reading aloud to them etc.

Getting Appropriate Toys

Toys play a very important role in a baby’s development. At the same time getting age appropriate toys is also very important. Toys come in different forms, shapes, sizes, textures etc; through which babies can learn a number of things. There are musical toys which are also very entertaining for babies. Fine and gross motor skills in babies are also enhanced with the help of toys. Starting from cot mobiles, rattles to building blocks every toy can play its role in enhancing motor skills of your baby.

Taking Care of Babies Diet

Proper diet is also equally important for babies. For their right growth babies must get adequate breastfeeding for at least first 6 months of their life. At the same time long-term breastfeeding has its own advantages. Breastfed babies fall ill less frequently and grow at right pace.
Once the baby becomes 6 months old, it is necessary to introduce solids in their diet. Traditional Indian homemade baby foods like Moong Dal Khichdi, Semolina Porridige, Ragi Porridge can be introduced in the diet of babies. It is also necessary to introduce fruits and vegetables in the diet of babies for their healthy growth and development. Discussing your baby’s diet with your doctor is also very important.
Providing babies with healthy environment at home is equally important for their healthy growth and development. Spend time with your baby, talk with her, take her to parks and gardens so that she can get some fresh air in order to encourage her growth and stimulate her brain power. This time is very precious so do your best to promote healthy growth of your baby.

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Sharmila.13 years ago
its really a joy to see your baby grow up. i try to see development in my child everyday.
LILIAN.13 years ago
my baby is 13month she does not even try to stand alone her weight gain very slow she is now 9.5 kg she does not grow very as normal as my other children
Alpana.13 years ago
my baby is 1 year but she cant'sit & stand. her weight gain very slow she is now 8 kg.she does not grow very as notmal child
girija.13 years ago
sitting,standing and other such activities are neuromotor skills and depend upon the proper development of the nervous system.please do visit your doctor and tell your observations.
the reasons for such a condition are many.please accept the situation and give the treatment with love.monitor the improvement individually without comparing with other children.
do what is good for your child under proper are not alone and there many people with similar problems.
Shiley Watt
Shiley Watt.13 years ago
very intersting article and will help me for my psychology essay for univrsity. i find child development fasinating and since i have younger siblings i have seen them grow and develop into the amazing people they are now.
caroline.13 years ago
have you thought maybe your child could have gleobel deivlopment deilay
chitra.13 years ago
hi my son is 9 mnths old he still does not sit without support is this normal
amelia.13 years ago
my baby has just been born and he wont stop crying ... what can i do to stop him from crying all the time?
3 to 6 years old
3 to 6 years old.13 years ago
can you show me
nitika.13 years ago
hi my baby is 8months and cant crawl not stand im gettign worried..she just cant stand even when i hold her streight..her legs just bend..what can i do>?
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