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Definition of Milestones

Definition of Milestones

Physical development refers to a child's control over her muscles her coordination her ability to sit, stand and eventually to walk and run. It also refers to her manipulative abilities.
Developmental milestones are important developments in babies that take place when babies are within a particular range of age. These developments are very prominent. For example, when babies learn to hold their head, roll from their back to tummy, learn to sit, stand or walk or when babies start teething. Discussed below are some facts about developmental milestones in babies.

What is physical development (gross motor and fine motor skills)?

Physical development refers to a child's control over her muscles, her coordination, her ability to sit, stand, and eventually to walk and run. It also refers to her manipulative abilities. As she masters new skills, she will reject primitive ones.

What are gross motor skills and fine motor skills?

Physical development can be broken up in to three month intervals and divided into two categories: gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills refer to the child's ability to control different parts of her body. Fine motor skills refer to her level of coordination of the different body parts (such as picking up a raisin with her thumb and forefinger).

What are developmental milestones?

Milestones are punctuations in a baby's growth and development. Milestones of physical development proceed from head to toe. Hence, the child first learns to control her head, then her body, arms and legs. These milestones provide a guide to parents telling them what to expect and when to expect it. Remember that departures from the norm should not be a reason for undue panic unless confirmed by expert medical opinion.

How closely should my child follow these developmental milestones?

From what you have read in books and observed through others' experiences, you realize that a child's development should follow an approximate schedule. A note of caution. Every baby is unique and will probably not fit in to any theoretical parameters.

How can I encourage my baby to attain developmental milestones?

Different kinds of stimulations can be provided to babies while attaining various milestones at different ages. When a baby is between four to five months old she will probably learn to hold her head. During this phase she will try to push herself up with the support of her elbows and arms. It is the time when she is trying to develop control over the posture of her body which serves as basis for attaining other developmental milestones. To boost these skills it is necessary to give her tummy time for short durations.
Toys play a very important role in helping babies to attain developmental milestone. Toys like rattles, graspers, play-gyms etc; help in boosting baby’s fine motor skills. Teethers help in providing relief to the babies who are experiencing irritation in gums due to teething. Push and pull toys encourage babies to walk. However, it is not advisable to give walkers to the babies as it may hamper the development of their walking skills. It is also very crucial to ensure that the toys that are purchased for babies meet all the safety standards.
Providing right and safe environment for babies to develop in a healthy manner is also very important. When your baby starts experimenting with her gross and fine motor skills, it is necessary to ensure that the home is baby proofed. All the doors of cupboards and drawers are locked properly so that when the baby is trying to hold on the furniture while learning to walk or stand-up she does not get hurt. Provide right kind of support and let your baby grow in your warmth.

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Stella.5 years ago
Dear Parents, now you can start tracking you child's developmental milestones at *****.com
Sharmila.13 years ago
its really a joy to see your baby grow up. i try to see development in my child everyday.
LILIAN.13 years ago
my baby is 13month she does not even try to stand alone her weight gain very slow she is now 9.5 kg she does not grow very as normal as my other children
Alpana.13 years ago
my baby is 1 year but she cant'sit & stand. her weight gain very slow she is now 8 kg.she does not grow very as notmal child
girija.13 years ago
sitting,standing and other such activities are neuromotor skills and depend upon the proper development of the nervous system.please do visit your doctor and tell your observations.
the reasons for such a condition are many.please accept the situation and give the treatment with love.monitor the improvement individually without comparing with other children.
do what is good for your child under proper are not alone and there many people with similar problems.
Shiley Watt
Shiley Watt.13 years ago
very intersting article and will help me for my psychology essay for univrsity. i find child development fasinating and since i have younger siblings i have seen them grow and develop into the amazing people they are now.
caroline.13 years ago
have you thought maybe your child could have gleobel deivlopment deilay
chitra.13 years ago
hi my son is 9 mnths old he still does not sit without support is this normal
amelia.13 years ago
my baby has just been born and he wont stop crying ... what can i do to stop him from crying all the time?
3 to 6 years old
3 to 6 years old.13 years ago
can you show me
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