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You are here : home > Raising Children > Related Articles for Raising Children > Setting New Year Resolutions for Your Kids

Setting New Year Resolutions for Your Kids

Setting New Year Resolutions for Your Kids

As adults you have your New Year resolutions ready, but what about your kids? Read on to find out some ideas for New Year resolutions for kids. Setting New Year resolutions or in other words goal setting for children helps them in the long run. Children learn how to become organized and efficient early on in lives.

Having New Year resolutions is setting a goal and trying your best to achieve it. Adults need not be the only ones setting New Year resolutions. New Year resolutions can be set by kids also who must try to stick to them and achieve them. Setting New Year resolutions helps children develop the important skill of goal-setting. While setting New Year resolutions for your kids, teach them the importance of setting goals and achieving goals in life. If this habit is inculcated in childhood itself, it proves very beneficial in adulthood too.

These are some New Year resolutions which can be followed by kids.

Practicing Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is necessary for good health and to avoid falling sick. Children must learn to brush their teeth twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed at night. The mouth should be rinsed after every meal. Nails must be cut and kept clean. Hands should be washed after coming home from outside and after going to the bathroom.

Avoiding Excessive Television and Video Games

Spending excessive time playing video games and watching television is also unhealthy. Spending too much time indoors can lead to becoming overweight. Children must not play video games or watch television shows which depict and promote violence. Children must only watch those shows which are appropriate for their age.

Eating Healthier

Children of today consume too much junk food, sodas and other soft drinks. A good and healthy New Year resolution would be to cut down on junk food and develop healthy eating habits. Eating fruits and vegetables is very good for health. Children must make it a point to eat two or three serving of fruits and vegetables everyday and limit the number of sweets. Also sodas and other soft drinks must be substituted with a fruit juice instead. Drinking milk and eating dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt helps to develop strong bones and teeth in children.

Being Polite and Well-mannered

When children are polite and well mannered they are liked and praised by all. Children should be encouraged to behave well and with respect to parents and other elders. They should make it a point to not talk rudely or unkindly with parents. Children should not use curse words or speak bad about God.

Keeping the House Clean

Children must learn to keep their things neat and tidy. Children must do their own bed and keep their blankets in the proper place. After playing, toys should be kept back where they belong and not scattered about here and there. Children should keep their bedroom clean. If it is a single parent household, children must be taught to help the parent a little in household work. It will help to relieve the work load for the parents and also help children develop skills which will be useful all through their life.

Practicing Compassion

Children must not be mean or bad to other kids at school. Children should try to cheer up a child who is crying or is sad. If another kid is new to school, children can show them around the school and be friendly and helpful to them.

Children must learn to be compassionate towards all animals also. They must not trouble dogs, cats and all other animals.

Giving their best at School

Children who are always late must learn to practice punctuality. Children must always try to reach school on time. Homework should be done regularly and not at the last minute. Homework should be written in a neat handwriting. If they have any doubts or need help regarding a subject, children should ask the concerned teacher.

Practicing other Safety Precautions

Children must always wear a seatbelt while in a car.

Children must not divulge personal details and information to strangers. Children should be taught not to give out personal details like Name, birth date, telephone number, residence address, school name on the internet or to strangers.

Children must wear a helmet while bicycling.

Getting Proper Physical Exercise

Getting physical exercise is very important for remaining strong and healthy. Children must choose a sport they like such as swimming or basketball, etc and play it at least three times a week. Children should not spend too much time indoors and they should go out in the fresh air.

Help your children make their New Year resolutions and achieving them. Write it on a paper and stick it on the refrigerator or in the children’s bedroom.

Having New Year resolutions will help children in learning to be more organized, disciplined and punctual early on in life itself. These habits and skills get carried on into adulthood also and will help them all through their life.

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Indra.13 years ago
I would like my child to develop the habit of spending money wisely. Children keep insisting for all sorts of things. I would like my child to have this resolution because it will help him to understand the value of money. I think children should learn to save money as this habit will help them in adulthood.
Monali.13 years ago
I think I would like it if my child participated more in school sports activities. Sports like athletics, soccer, etc are all very good. It helps to develop sportsmanship quality in a child. Participating in sports is physical exercise and playing sports since childhood helps to keep the body strong and healthy.
Natasha.13 years ago
I would like my children to develop a new hobby and learn some new activity this New Year. I would like them to go for some drawing and painting classes and spend less time playing video games. The reason I would like this resolution is because drawing and painting lessons help improve creativity.
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