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Best and Worst Foods for Your Child's Teeth

best Foods for Your Child
Dental problems are tough to handle. Find out the best and worst foods for your child’s teeth.

Children love to eat sweets and various other things all the time. Children are innocent and do not understand the difference between good and bad. They do not understand the consequences. Hence it is a mother’s duty and responsibility to feed children the right foods.
A regular visit to the dentist is a must once the first tooth appears. Babies should be weaned off the bottle by 12 months of age. Even at a later stage, regular visits to the dentist can help identify cavities which otherwise go unnoticed. A healthy diet along with good care will help your child have good teeth and gums.
Following are some of the best and worst foods for your child’s teeth.

Bad Foods for Your Child’s Teeth

Chewy candy, sugary drinks, citrus foods, chips, bread and pasta are all horrible for your child’s teeth. They can damage your child’s teeth in the long run. Too much of sugar is not good for the teeth. Eating too much of sugary foods can cause tooth decay. Citrus foods contain acidic elements which can remove enamel of the teeth. Without enamel, a person’s teeth become extremely sensitive and there is no replacement for enamel also. Children should also avoid chewing on ice because it is very hard.

Best Foods for Your Child’s Teeth

Apples, carrots, milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables, eggs, etc are all good for the teeth. Nuts and seeds in powdered form should also be included in your child’s diet as they help to replenish the enamel eroded by the acidic foods. Eggs contain important minerals required for healthy teeth. Chewing fruits and raw vegetables can increase the strength of your child’s teeth. Instead of giving children juices without fibre content, ask children to chew on raw fruits and vegetables to get strong teeth. Vitamin D found in eggs helps the body to absorb calcium which is essential for strong bones and teeth.

Lunchbox Ideas for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Unfortunately, juices are not teeth-friendly due to sugar content, etc. Milk and water is a great substitute for juice and healthy for gums and teeth as well. Breakfast is the best time to include juice in your child’s diet in case you are worried about nutrition. Vegetables and dips, whole wheat bread-sticks, fruit pieces, calcium rich foods, whole wheat sandwiches, etc are very good tooth-friendly lunchbox recipes. Lunchboxes should contain energizing and healthy foods at the same time.

Why Should You Avoid Certain Foods?

Carbonated soft drinks contain sugar which can cause tooth and gum damage. Chocolates, candies and toffees stick to the teeth for a long time and hence should be immediately rinsed off. Starchy foods such as chips, bread, pasta, etc are not good for the health and teeth at the same time. Nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, etc protect the teeth and are good for oral health. Leafy vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals which protect teeth from plaque.

Dental Problems

Dental problems are tough to handle and painful as well. Teeth are extremely essential in the human body. Apart from being painful and uncomfortable, visits to the dentist are expensive. Children who have good teeth are always healthy. In the olden times, people had healthier teeth because junk food was not available. Regular brushing, flossing, etc will help children to avoid tooth decay, cavities, plaque, etc. Dental problems can be avoided right from an early stage if one is aware.
However, sometimes, parents cannot avoid giving children certain foods. Hence, it is better to always ask your child to rinse the mouth after every meal. Without teeth in the old age, a person cannot eat so many things and we all know, eating is very important in life. You are strong and healthy only if you can eat nutritious food. Hence, life without teeth is tough. Take care from a young age and always ensure that your children and family have good teeth.

What kind of foods can cause dental cavities in children? How to help children have stronger teeth? What are the ways to prevent dental problems in children? Discuss here.

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Sarbani.6 years ago
Having milk is a must for children to have stronger teeth. Candies and colas should be avoided by them.
Kanchi.6 years ago
It is a must to encourage children to brush twice a day. Parents an be a good role model for encouraging them.
Malti.6 years ago
Candies and colas are very bad for the health of children.
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