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Making Teeth-Brushing a Habit

Making Teeth-Brushing a Habit

It is very important to help children imbibe habit of brushing teeth twice a day and following proper oral hygiene to prevent dental problems. So follow these tips to make teeth brushing a habit in your children and save them from various dental problems.

Teeth are a part of the human body that require daily maintenance. It's not one of those organs like the heart, liver or kidney that quietly go about their business without your having to check on them and give them a good scrub every day. The consequences of not following a daily teeth-cleaning routine are better avoided. Cavities, bad breath and yellowing teeth can be painful, are not hygienic and do not add to your personality. What they do add up to are expensive dentist bills.

But try explaining this to a two-year-old who thinks that brushing his teeth is a big bore; or a child who is more interested in making a meal out of the nice sweet minty toothpaste; or one who chews ruminatively on his toothbrush rather than brushing his teeth with it. Unfortunately, establishing a teeth-brushing routine is imperative and not something that parents can afford to bend the rules about. It is important that parents stick to their guns on this issue. Remember that every time you let your child get away with not brushing his teeth, you are weakening your own authority.

Some useful tips

Have a quick look at the tips for cultivating a habit of brushing twice a day in your child.

  • Build time for brushing teeth into the child's routine in the morning and at night. Make sure you pick a time when your child is not usually tired and cranky.
  • Initially you can help your child brush his teeth. You can liven up the session by singing songs like "This is the way we brush our teeth" Once you think he's got the hang of it, you can make it an activity that you do together.
  • You can make the whole procedure a little enticing by buying your child a nice colourful toothbrush and a holder decorated with his favourite cartoon character. Maybe you can even involve him in picking out his toothpaste.
  • If your child is being particularly stubborn and buttons his lip, there's no point getting into a hand-to-hand combat situation. Maintain a poker face and back off, then try again later. Your persistence will soon wear him down.
  • By the time your child is four or five years old he will understand that his actions have consequences and can lead to rewards. A good way of ensuring that he brushes his teeth is to tell him that if he does, you'll tell him a bedtime story or allow him to go down to play.
  • For an older child, a good ploy is to tell him that you'll have no choice but to schedule a dentist appointment on a holiday, as he doesn't seem to be able to look after his teeth himself.
  • Whether you use a threat or a promise, show your child that you mean it and follow through.
  • If you feel you need to reinforce your authority on this issue, take your child to the dentist to demonstrate his brushing routine. Praise from the dentist along with a few useful pointers will make your child feel proud and more responsible.
Inculcating a habit of teeth brushing twice a day right from an early age will help your child to follow it for the lifetime. By following a habit of brushing teeth twice a day and maintaining good oral hygiene, your child will not face any dental problem when he or she grows older. So make sure that your child realises the importance of having healthy teeth and encourage him or her to make teeth brushing a habit.

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Ayesha.8 years ago
Good tips!!
poornima.13 years ago
Brushing is a big exercise for my 2 yr old. He hates brushes and happy when i do it with hand and also suggest me the right time to start using a toothpaste as its very natural that he is going to eat it up!
Rohini.13 years ago
hey! this is really a great brushing article.
harini.13 years ago
my daughter thinks brushing is something done tro the basin &walls, not teeth.wish she cud read this!
Louise Bulter
Louise Bulter.13 years ago
i don't brush my teeth
Gayatri Neelakantan
Gayatri Neelakantan.13 years ago
my daughter is 3 yrs old. she doesn't brush regularly. the first thing she does while brushing is, just eats her paste first. is this harmful for her?

pls clarify.!

neethuram.13 years ago
the tips are usefull
Petya.13 years ago
my child is 10 years old she will not brush her teeth and she says she is just too tired and forgets often what should i do about my daughter? thank you for your time....
Munny.13 years ago
yes. brushing teeth is very important. i have 2 yrs. old, and we started brushing her teeth about a year ago. we always sing the song this is the way we brush our teeth. also we have ritual to brush teeth in the morning and evening. she picks her own toothbrush and her favourite flavored toddler toothpaste. i hope she will continue this ritual.
Mom of older kids
Mom of older kids.13 years ago
my hubby and i showed the kids a picture of someone with ungodly dark bad tooth decay, and even braces on another person. we told our kids if they didn't brush their teeth, their's would look like that too. it worked. plus>>buy cinnamon or bubble gum flavored toothpaste if available. i hated the strong mint flavor as a child, i like it as an adult...but prefer cinnamon flavor toothpaste. good luck.
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