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Bladder control is a skill that develops at different rates in different children. It may take a few years before your child can keep from urinating for ten or more hours through the night. How to handle this situation is a concern for parents. Read on.

Each child may take her own time to develop bladder control. Day-time bladder control can be developed in children earlier than the night-time bladder control. A child may be able to control his or her bladder by the age of 3. Some children may develop it earlier whereas some may take some more time. When it comes to night-time bladder control, children may develop it by the age of 4 or 5. However, if a child is more than 5 years old and still wets the bed at night, it can be a cause of concern. But with a doctor’s assistance and few simple remedies, the problem of bed-wetting in children can be resolved easily. Let us take a look at some concerns of parents related to bed-wetting in children.

Why does my child still wet her bed?

It is not unusual for a child under the age of four to wet her bed occasionally. One in ten boys wet their bed at the age of five. Bladder control is a skill that develops at different rates in different children. It may take a few years before your child can keep from urinating for ten or more hours through the night. Anxiety could be a cause for bed-wetting. Fear of a monster, a bad dream or fear of something can also be some reasons for bed-wetting in children. A change of circumstances like the arrival of a new baby, or a move to a new place can also trigger this reaction.

What can I do to help?

Discourage the intake of fluids an hour before bedtime. Ensure that your child empties her bladder before she goes to bed. Keep a potty beside her bed so that if she needs to urinate at night she does not have to go all the way to the bathroom. Make sure that her nightwear is easily removable. Leave a night light on so that your child can see if she wakes up at night. Put a rubber sheet on her bed and cover that with a sheet.
Do not make an issue of bed-wetting. Never draw attention to wet beds. Change the sheets with a minimum of fuss. Do not reprimand your child. This will make her feel inadequate.

Why does my child wet the bed occasionally?

The child may be wetting the bed occasionally as he or she may be coping with the problem of secondary bed-wetting. The problem of bed-wetting in children can be divided in two types which are primary bed-wetting and secondary bed-wetting. Primary bed-wetting is the kind of bed-wetting which continues during the early childhood without any break. In this case the child wets the bed regularly for the considerable period of time. The case of primary bed-wetting can be attributed to the immaturity of nervous system. This means that child is unable to sense the feeling of fullness of bladder while he or she is asleep.
Secondary bed-wetting on the other hand is the problem where the child wets the bed at night occasionally. This issue may arise due to medical or emotional problems in children. Medical problems like pinworms, urinary tract infection, sleep apnoea etc. are usually responsible for occasional bed-wetting in children. Occasional or secondary bed-wetting can also be a sign that a child is undergoing any stress due to family problems, fights between parents, bullying at school, exam stress or any other emotional problem.
Never make your child feel guilty of this habit. With parent’s support some simple remedies can help children develop night-time bladder control. At the same time parent’s love, care and support are also very necessary along with a doctor’s assistance to help the child deal with the problem of secondary bed-wetting.

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Fred.9 years ago
Bedwetting Shop in India provides innovative solutions to bedwetting problem. We used bedwetting alarm for our son and he stopped wetting the bed in 3 weeks. Great stuff!
raman.10 years ago
there are kids who watch horror movies ... they usually wet their bad cuz they are scared of some horror scenes or ghost...
Saritha.12 years ago
my friend is of 23 yrs old and still she is bed wetting some times. she was bed wetting almost every day till the age of 15. but now she is married and soon going to be a mother. but this problem made her worry much. she hasitates to consult a doctor or share this problem with her husband. can any one help me to took out my friend from this bed wetting problem. please... please..
shah s
shah s.12 years ago
my child is two years & sixmths. he will start nursery soon.he is still not toilet or potty trained. i have tried all sorts of coaxing & cajoling. it does not help.
karuna.12 years ago
the child is 8yrs and is still bedwetting. she had stopped for 1month but has started again.
Purnima.12 years ago
my son is 6yrs old and is bedwetting all thru these 6yrs. i was waiting that this problem may stopped after 5yrs. but now i want a solution. can this be a hereditary problem. please do suggest me.
janaki.12 years ago
my daughter is 9 years old and she wets her bed if she is not woken up to go to the toilet . can you suggest any councelling centers in chennai.
Sona D.
Sona D..12 years ago
my daughter does not like to go to the toilet todo the big job.she is 5yrs. old she will hold on to her stools for 2or 3 days & then do it quietly do it under the table or in a corner.sometimes it is painfull as the stools are very hard ,but she bears it.we have shown her to the pedeatrician but there is no respite
lata.12 years ago
good article, particularly, no mistakes in spelling! except almost at the end, it should be their, not there. thanks.
aa.12 years ago
try to make them understand where to go for toilet and potty
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