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You are here : home > Child Development > Social Behaviour > Discipline and your Child

Discipline and your Child

Discipline and your Child

As children grow-up they develop a temperament of their own. Here is how you can inculcate discipline in your growing child.

As a child approaches her first birthday, she will begin to exhibit a will of her own and may challenge your authority. Allow her the freedom to choose what she wants to eat or wear. This will give her the impression that she has a measure of control over her life. You can be your child's guide to good behaviour by setting an example yourself.

My child seems to have a mind of her own

Your child's bad behaviour at this age will express itself as crying and grumpiness. This is probably because she is hungry, overtired, ill or feeling insecure. It is not her fault, as she does not exert much control over herself or her environment.

Do I need to discipline my child before she is a year old?

When your baby is less than a year old, she does very little that would actually require disciplining her. Discipline at this stage will probably take the form of you saying "no" or taking something away from the baby that is not good for her.

What kind of behaviour issues can be observed in a year old children?

Discipline issues like biting, hitting, kicking, not ready to share toys, throwing tantrums, fussy eating, hyper-activeness etc. are some of the common behaviour issues that can be observed in a year old child. Such issues may not be observed in all children. At the same time not all issues may be observed in a particular child he or she may show some of these behaviour issues. Some children may also show behaviour issues that are different from the above mentioned issues. Children show this kind of behaviour issues as self-expression skills and communication skills are not fully developed in them. They usually exhibit such behaviour when they want to express the feelings like anger, stress, frustration, irritation etc.

How to inculcate discipline in a year old child?

There is no need to be worried about inculcating discipline in a year old child. Most of the times you may not even feel the need of disciplining your child as such issues may not be a cause of concern at this time. The behaviour issues that are observed in them are just a part of growing-up. Here are some things that you can make of note of which will surely help you in future.

Be patient

There is no need to be hyper when you see behaviour issues in your child. It is necessary to be patient while handling such situations.

Divert your child’s attention

Diverting child’s attention or taking him or her away from the situation can work in most of the cases where you come across behaviour issues in your child.

Do not hit or yell at your child

Never ever hit or yell at your child when you find that he or she is behaving in an unacceptable manner. Such negative techniques of disciplining children can only hamper his or her development.

Focus on positive disciplining techniques

Focus on positive disciplining techniques like appreciating or rewarding the child when he or she shows good behaviour.

Educate your child

Although, your one year old child may not be able to understand the importance of discipline, you must educate your child about its importance in an age appropriate and subtle manner.

Find out the triggers

Find out what triggers bad behaviour in your child and try to avoid such triggers as much as possible. Avoiding triggers can help to prevent bad behaviour in children to a greater extent.

Keep the gadgets away

Do not introduce gadgets like mobile phones to your children at such a tender age. Your year old toddler may get addicted to such devices very faster. When you will deny giving such devices to your toddler, it will automatically trigger behaviour issues in him or her.

All the discipline issues arise during such age when children are unable to express themselves properly. There is something that is causing problem or discomfort to them. In such situations parents must try to understand what is bothering their children instead of losing their calm.

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Roshni.10 years ago
what is the right age to start disciplining your child?
gayatri.10 years ago
i liked the info., would like to get regular mails on my growing baby.
mb.10 years ago
how to discipline twin boys 14mnths old, not to spit food when "no" only encourages more rasberry blowing with food in there mouths....
Ana.10 years ago
i'm a mum of 5months old boy.i believe that one should start disciplining a child right after birth. though a baby cannot talk but can understand most of his routines.i feed my baby burp him and puts him on the bed talks to him and sings for him, if he does'nt sleeps i carry him for a while and again place him on the bed,he sleeps quietly.its difficult in the beginning but once a child gets into it, it really works.its not possible when the child is sick.loud music helps him to stop crying.i never force foods on him, which prevents him from vomiting if he starts to spit the food, i just wash his son enjoy bathing for he is being well fed before it.a child must be taught to respect n value own belongings as well as of others.don't laugh n encourage a child's bad behaviour.a disciplined child brings pride to parents.
Iris.10 years ago
discipline an infant, give me a break! i am amother of five and i have never heard of such a thing. infants are in a discovery stage. you can re-direct an action that you donot like but discipline,please! next thing people are going to say that they potty trained their infant. :enjoy" that new baby and stop worring about disciplining him/her. marvel at this/her new acomplishments.
Eunice.10 years ago
i have a seven month old who is very happy and sweet. he plays and is crawling. but sometimes if he is in your face he likes to hit or scratch you. i tap his hand very lightly and tell him no very stearnly. i don't like the idea of him doing someone else that way let alone myself. so he needs to know now about not hitting or scratching anyone. he now is not doing it as much now that i tell him no, and i don't entertain him behaving that way.
dhanashri chandajkar
these all articles are very good and are the mirror images of experiences i am am getting with my child.i would like to read more articles.
Jessica.10 years ago
i have a 10 mth old who is very strong-willed. he looks right at you & throws a tantrum, he screams and blows raspberries when i try to feed him. he walks over to you and demands whatever you are eating/drinking. he doesn't have communication skills yet, so he gets frustrated. any ideas on how to stop this behavior other than saying "no" and not laughing at naughtiness? i'm not about to spank or give time-outs, but other people are starting to avoid us!
Anitha.10 years ago
i am mum of 1 yr 4 months female baby. how to teach discipline to her and what food i have to give her.
collen.10 years ago
i have 4 sons under 5yrs ,2 infants ,a one yr old,and a 4 yr old,now sure you do not disciplin infants, but the other two are .not in physical disciplin way as i was as a child,but they do get scolded,told no ,the 4 yr old does get a good talking to. now when i go to a store,trust me i see no temper tantrums..the 1 yr old luckily just is a sweet baby doesnt hit,have tantrums do need to fully explain to a child why there behavior is wrong,the reason that they cannot do certain things,why they should not hit etc. i am not saying explaining to a baby or 1 year old ,but 2,3,4 yrsm they do understand.and if you do yell,ladies,take a time out ,then goe to your child appologize for your outburst,sit down explain to your child adults also have bad days and act silly,then explain to them why you yelled and why you got upset. always remember this they are little,but deserve the same respect as a person as you would give anyone else,if you yell at your husband you say sorry,give your child the same respect,which is keyword to good children.
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