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Benefits and Drawbacks of Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems

womens-health Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Transdermal Drug Delivery systems are the easiest way of ERT. There are some discomforts associated with this but its advantages outweigh the discomforts. Know about this in detail.

Possible discomforts of Transdermal Drug Delivery systems

  • Transdermal drug delivery systems could be unsuitable for drugs that irritate or sensitize skin. 
  • The natural limits of drug entry imposed by the skin's permeability indicates that relatively potent drugs are suitable only for transdermal delivery. 
  • Under various environmental conditions, adhesions of the system to different skin types sometimes result in technical difficulties. 

Advantages of Transdermal Drug Delivery systems

  • Avoids gastrointestinal tract difficulties during absorption caused by enzymes, drug interactions with food, etc. 
  • Suitable in instances like vomiting/diarrhoea where oral route is not desirable. 
  • Avoids first pass i.e. the initial passage of a drug substance through the systemic and portal circulation.
  • Provides the capacity for multi day therapy with a single application thereby improving patient compliance. Extends the activity of drugs having short half - life through the reservoir of drug present in the delivery system and its controlled release characteristics. 
  • Therapy can be quickly terminated by removal of the patch from the skin. 
  • Provides ease of rapid identification of medication in emergencies - non-responsive patients, unconscious or comatose patients. 
  • Less chances of over or under dosing as the result of prolonged preprogrammed delivery of drug at the required therapeutic rate. 

What is ETS

ETS is a new transdermal hormone replacement therapy that is supposed to be convenient, safe, low dosage estrogen therapy.  It is a once-a-week dosage with a matrix patch, and offers various benefits over the existing treatments:

  • Physiological low dose hormone
  • Avoids hepatic first pass
  • Convenient once a week treatment
  • Prevents and manages post-menopausal symptoms - early symptoms like depression, anxiety, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

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Suhana.6 years ago
this is really a very informative article for the women passing through the phase of menopause.
sarah o'brien.6 years ago
what about information on h.r.t with fertility.after loseing my 2nd pregnancy with i.v.f and h.r.t ,i thought i was safe with a succesful pregnancy taking h.r.t ,i was wrong, why?
manoj.6 years ago
for research purpose
michelle.6 years ago
this was not able to tell me the correct info i needed to do with hrt.
sandy.6 years ago
study for knoledge
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Administering HRT with Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems