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Feeling Blue?

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Do you ever have one of those days when you're feeling depressed for no reason at all? Here are a few tips to help you beat the blues. 

Blues caused by illnesses go away when the illness goes away. So much for them! Depression caused by really big problems get solved when the problem gets solved. So much for THEM! Chronic depression may be serious enough to warrant a shrink. Get one! 

But those blue, blue days, when you are just so upset, teary eyed and down in the stinking dumps for no apparent reason . Oh, how they sneak up on you, again and again. You could simply live with them, which is fine, or you could get up and take ACTION!! You can't think away the blues; you've got to beat them out with a stick! 


The minute you start feeling foul, don your exercise gear and hit the park for a round of jogging. Or just switch on the music and get moving. 

Dress Up

True, this may be one of those days that you don't even feel like brushing your hair, much less dressing up, but push yourself. Wear a bright outfit, put on your make up and tell yourself you look like a million bucks. Don't stop there, start believing it! Pretty soon you'll start feeling it. 


Switch on to FM. Listening to the DJ's yak will give you a feeling of connectivity to the outside world. 

Set a Goal

Tell yourself you're going to finish that novel that's going to make you famous by the end of the year/month/week or that you're going to lose those inches off your hips/thighs/butt, and start working on it right away. 


If you don't put a letter in your outbox, you're not going to get one in. So send off an email to a dear friend who you haven't heard from in ages. 


I don't know about you, but a clinging black velvet dress will give me just the buzz I need. Those diamond earrings you've craved for? NOW is the time to get them. Forget about all those anti-wrinkle creams. When a woman is older, good posture, exercise and sparkling, real jewellery are the only things that are going to make a difference to her looks. 

Movie Watch

Surf the channels for a funny movie or serial and laugh your blues away. Highly recommended: view with ice cream. 


Tidy your cupboard or dust the dresser. Focussing on the task at hand will help take your mind off your worries. 

Get a Haircut

Or maybe just a trim? 

Rearrange the Furniture 

Use a little creativity. The change can work wonders to boost your flagging spirits. 


Enter the kitchen and bake up a storm. Chocolate chip cookies, pineapple truffle or lemon tarts will send your spirits soaring! 


An orgasm is not like fat. Your body can't store it. You need to keep getting a new fix. So get one.

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.4 years ago
Its really good. While reading itself i can feel how it will work. Thanks for the great tips.
Subi.4 years ago
Its really good. While reading itself i can feel how it will work. Thanks for the great tips.
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