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Coping with Anemia

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Anemia is very common health problem especially with women. The symptoms are important to be noticed and earlier it is detected, the faster the problem can get solved. There are some causes that can be discussed and rectified with your doctor. Read more to know what are the symptoms of anemia and how you can cope with the problem.

If you are looking for ways of coping with anemia, you will be relieved to know that most often this problem is temporary and you will feel better as soon as the treatment begins. Depending upon the severity, the recovery time may vary. If suffering from anemia was due to some surgical or other reasons, you will recover after getting proper treatment.

However, you should also improve your diet and bring some changes in your daily food intake. This will help you stay fit and no such problem will occur in future. You must also be aware of the symptoms of anemia so that you recognize it and consult your doctor regarding your problem.

Symptoms of Anemia
  1. The skin tone of the anemic patient changes. You can examine your skin tone and see whether it looks pale. Even if you are not so fair, your skin will appear washed out and your lips will turn pale or white.
  1. Observe whether you feel irritated or fatigued most often. This is the first symptom that you can notice and is very common one also.
  1. Concentrate whether you find loss of appetite or frequent complains of headaches.
  1. You might find that you are constipated.
  1. Ask yourself whether your work efficiency is getting affected and you find difficult to concentrate on your work or studies.
  1. You may find craving for non-food items like soil, paper and so on.
  1. You may feel depressed most of the time.
  1. You may feel week and dizzy most of the time.
  1. Extreme cold feelings might also occur most of the time.
  1. Short of breath is also one of the symptoms that are related to anemic patients.

If you find any of these symptoms, it is better to consult your doctor. The doctor will most probably ask you to go through a blood test to know the percentage of hemoglobin you have in your blood. This will help him prescribe proper medication.

Coping with Anemia
  1. Plan an appointment with your doctor because as early as you get diagnosed, you will be able to get well fast and have improvements in your health conditions.
  1. Be prepared to follow the treatment properly. Sometimes, in severe cases of anemia, you have to take injections also for fast recovery. Also, the treatment may take long time and you should not discontinue the medication without doctor’s consent.
  1. Do not over exert your self. You might require some frequent naps and rest. It is fine; there is no need to feel awkward. Give some time to your body and slowly take to some exercises and pranayama that will help you a lot.
  1. Make changes in your eating habits and include food that contains iron and protein. Make sure it is suggested by your doctor.
  1. Stay warm and drink plenty of water. Water will improve and enhance your energy level and will help you get rid of the initial symptoms of anemia as well.

Anemia is caused due to many reasons. If you are able to find the reason, it will be easier for you to cope with the problem. If the cause is your eating habits, you need to improve that. Introduce food items that help increase the hemoglobin level.

Also some sort of yoga and pranayama will help in coping with anemia. If you are able to detect it earlier, you can recover with the help of well nutritious food and exercise as well.
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