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Weight Loss through Walking

diet-and-weight-loss Weight Loss through Exercises
Benefits of walking in weight loss plans have never been fully understood. It is the simplest form of exercise and the most underrated one. Walking is known to be the best exercise for everybody and it also aids in weight loss. Read on to get more information on this simple form of exercise.

The easiest and the cheapest form of exercise that can help you to lose weight is walking. It can be readily incorporated into our everyday lives and can be enjoyed with the whole of the family and friends. Young or old, walking can enhance the overall health and fitness to a great extent.

Experts consider walking as a part of the background activity. It is a low-impact aerobic exercise that does not render much stress on the joints. One just needs to calculate his target heart rate and exercise accordingly. Walking off the extra calories and fats is a great way to feel good without straining yourself. Another positive feature of this exercise is that the possibility of injury is also very negligible.

As walking comes under the aerobic category, it causes great improvement of the person’s cardiovascular fitness. According to a recent study of the US Department of Health, regular walkers enjoy a longer life. So how does the general health improve and weight loss happen?

Walking Builds Up Stamina
- As your overall fitness increases, the energy level also shoots up. This in turn builds up the stamina and improves the blood circulation in your system.

Walking Ensures Required Physical Activity
- A healthy body should ideally have a regular quota of physical activity that must be according to his body type and system. The recommended activity target can be readily met through regular walking.

If you briskly walk a distance of five miles per hour, or walk a mile in twelve minutes, you end up burning 530 calories. This is significantly more than the 480 calories that you lose by jogging. This is because the exertion in the system is more, through the frequent movement of the arms and the multiple steps. When combined with a proper diet, weight loss can be attained pretty easily.

Walking Reduces Cholesterol Levels
- If you choose to walk a mile in 16 minutes instead of running the same distance for 7-10 minutes, the cholesterol levels of the body gets reduced by the same amount.

Walking Exerts Less Pressure on Joints
- Your joints can breathe easy when you walk. The foot of the walker land on the ground that exerts only 1.5 times of the force of the individual’s body weight. In contrast, a runner exerts three times more force on his feet and thus on his hip, knee and ankle joints.

Walking is a Convenient Exercise
- Walking is not determined by the weather. Whether you choose to walk outdoors or on a treadmill, you derive the same health benefits.

Walking also happens to be the most easy exercise pattern. You need to require any athletic ability or an excellent coordination skill for walking. It is a process of body movement that naturally comes to all. This thereby makes it a no-excuse variant of exercise.

In order to effectively lose weight through walking, you need to have the right gear like proper walking shoes. A light stretching before and after the walk is also important to accustom the body for the workout and settling down respectively. 

According to experts, walking should be a simple exercise and not be ideally be made complex by the use of ski-poles, hand weights etc. They might help to build muscles but slows down the pace and thus the weight loss gets affected. It is also required to consciously feel relaxed and stay calm and tranquil in order to attain the optimum benefits.

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