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Cough is a helpful phenomenon - it is the body's natural reflex to irritation in the throat. There are two kinds of cough - one which is wet and associated with mucus (productive cough); and the other which is dry and there is no mucus (unproductive cough).  It is important to differentiate between the two, because the treatments are entirely different.

In the case of productive cough, coughing helps in removing excess mucus or phlegm which has come up in the back of the throat from the lungs or the nose and sinuses.  A common cause of coughing in the night is mucus dripping from the nose into the back of the throat.  Expectorant syrups can be given to the child to help get rid of the phlegm.  Note that productive coughs should never be suppressed since they serve a very useful purpose. Night-time irritation can be eased by turning the child on his side or his front.  A doctor should be consulted in case the cough lasts for more than 48 hours.

Unproductive coughs on the other hand serve no useful purpose, and can be very irritating to a small child, sometimes to the extent of preventing sleep.  In this case, cough suppressants can help ease the discomfort.


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Mary.2 years ago
if your having coughs, it is very irritating during night, when everyone is sleeping and you are coughing very badly... it is disturbing other people also. we should take care of it...
abuela.2 years ago
my granddaughter of two has a very dry cough and slight fever, now for three days...not sleeping much. is there anything we can do to help her? seeing a doctor is very difficult. thanks
cough.2 years ago
does banana makes more more cough..should i give banana to my baby when he has coughing.
Biswarup.2 years ago
my baby is 11 months old, he is suffering from dry cough since 4/5 days with mild temperature. he is reluctant to feed and vomiting after feed while coughing. we are indian and on deputaion in uk since 2 years. please advice.
Shine.2 years ago
i am sorry that your child is suffering from a cough. it is both an irritating and painful condition.a cough is good for the body because it is eradicating the germs/virus from your child's system. try to offer suppresants like cough mixtures only at night to help the child sleep because you need the cough to take its course and if you suppress the cough it might lead to a congesting chest, which is much worse. during the day offer teaspoons of honey and lemon, ice to suck, both these things will spooth the throat.hope your child gets beeter soon.
Charlotte.2 years ago
if you have a cold or a cough and you are sleeping you ned to lie on your side. please take care
JANE COOKE.2 years ago
my child who is 1 year old has had a cough for about 2 weeks now sems to get worse t night.
payal.2 years ago
my baby is 9 months old, she is suffering from wet cough since 4/5 days with mild temperature. she is reluctant to feed and vomiting after feed while coughing. we are indian and on deputaion in usa since 5 months . please advice.
& one more question-----------
does banana makes more more cough..does banana makes cold & cough to babies?should i give banana to my baby when he has coughing.
namita.2 years ago
extract the juice of few tulsi leaves 'n' fresh ginger add 4 to 5 drops of this juice with half a spoon of honey and give this to your kid twice a day it will help.....
abhisek kumar.2 years ago
dear sir,

i am suffering from cold dry cough

very painful in winter season please advice me for its diease relax .
my e-mail is-
thanking you
abhisek kumar

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