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Cure your Child's Cough

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Does your child cough a lot? Here are some possible causes and home remedies for curing it:

Allergies are one of the most common causes of cough. Your child may be allergic to certain things like dust, pollen, pets, plants, which may cause a runny nose and sniffles. If the allergy is not very strong, the mucous may simply drip down the back of his throat instead running down his nose or making him sneeze. This constant dripping of mucous into the throat irritates the passage, causing your child to cough. The best way to cure this kind of cough is to ensure your child avoids contact with any allergens. The house should be kept dust free. Often dust is removed just from surface or visible areas, while it lurks in invisible areas such as under the bed or behind furniture. Make sure that these hidden areas are also well cleaned and dusted. Carpets in India should be cleaned everyday, as dust tends to settle on them. And every once in a while, the carpets should be taken out of the house and given a proper dusting or beating so that it is thoroughly cleaned. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it to clean the carpets on a daily basis, so dust gets sucked out. Similarly, remove plants from your child's bedroom, and make sure the leaves of plants are kept clean.

If either parent smokes, it is possible that second-hand smoke is responsible for your child's cough. Avoid smoking around your child. Designate a smoking area in your house, which could be either your bedroom or your study. If you have a balcony, let that be the smoking area and make it a point to smoke only in your balcony. Similarly, when you have a party at home, let your friends know that they should go to the balcony and smoke so your home remains smoke-free and your child's lungs stay healthy.

Home remedies

Before calling a doctor, you could try and cure the cough on your own. Here are some ingredients you can find in your kitchen that should help cure the cough.

Honey: It warms you up and is excellent for colds. It also soothes the throat, kills infections and has many other benefits.

Ginger: It is a natural anti-inflammatory, and helps in relieving chest congestion.

Vinegar: It is a natural antiseptic and has many excellent properties. Not only can vinegar be applied to skin to soothe various conditions, and to hair, but it is very healthy when ingested. So, eat more vinegar-based salads on a regular basis.

In addition to the above remedies, have your child gargle every night with warm water, salt, and a pinch of turmeric to kill infection. This will cure his cough and keep his tonsils in great health, thus increasing his overall immunity.

When should you call the doctor?

Call the doctor if your child has been coughing for a period of more than a week. He could have developed chronic cough, and medicine needs to be prescribed to treat this condition. Persistent coughing can also be a symptom of asthma. In fact, if your child has mild asthma, coughing may be the only symptom, so it is best not to ignore it.

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haze villarias.2 years ago
hello,i have a son ,he's 4.he always suffer from this cough and cold every summerseason here in philippines.thank god i browse ur site and find useful ways to cure his cough every summer season.
Anika.5 years ago
my son is coughing a lot in the night can anyone give me a solution. thanks
Nishma.5 years ago
the best remedy for any cold/cough for a person (child or adult) is just 1 drop of indian breed cow's ghee in each nostril twice a day. believe me, u won't need any medicine.
bb.5 years ago
your not supposed to give children under the age of two honey. they could become ill from botulism
Anushila (Bristi).5 years ago
my daughter coughing a lot, can any one give me suggestion for home remedy.i have a pet dog, is it harmful for my daughter (9 month) ? iam givinh her honey at morning. is it good?
nn.5 years ago
few drops of ginger 'n' tulsi mix with honey(half tea spoon) will give relife to cough .
navya.5 years ago
i had this with my daughter. stop giving him at night just before going to bed. give him plenty of warm water.
if it is from long time just check with doctor. as wheezing first sign is night coughing
Rajni.5 years ago
hi !can anyone tell me how to deal with severe chest congestion???? my 2 and a half yearold son has had chest congestion for about 21/2 mnths. now. i give him honey and milk with there any other remedy.......
kavita.5 years ago
my daughter is 6 mts and freqently she got cough and cold. what is the best home remedies for her except honey .pls help me.
komal.5 years ago
my son is coughing a lot can any one give me any suggesition
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