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You are here : home > Women's Health > Related Articles For Womens Health > Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is characterized by cramps. PMS starts a few days before period. Its symptoms vary from mood swings, bloating, nausea, headache to irritability. Here are some tips to alleviate PMS.

It's that time of month again, and you just want to crawl into bed and lie down till the pain subsides, or till the painkiller has done its job. But there are better ways to counter cramps.

Cramps and PMS

First, let us see what causes cramps. We get cramps because the lining of the uterus releases a substance called prostaglandins. This causes contractions often causes the uterus to go into spasms, which is what causes pain, and may even lead to lightheadedness, dizziness and nausea. Menstrual cramps begin after you have started your period, while pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS starts a few days before your period, and includes mood swings, bloating, nausea, headache and a general feeling of unease and irritability.


It may be impossible to walk when you are in the throes of pain, but before the pain begins, it helps if you have been walking around or doing some light exercise. Walking improves circulation to the pelvic organs and reduces muscle tension. Try doing  when the cramps strike. If you are physically fit and exercise regularly, you are less likely to suffer painful periods.


Try applying pressure to the area between the bones between your big toe and the second toe, which is just around a cm below the two toes. This acupressure point is known as Liver 3. Applying pressure here relives menstrual discomfort.


Drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of turmeric powder (haldi), or ginger tea. These relax uterine muscles and relieve cramping. Similarly, chamomile or mint tea also help reduce pain.

Hot water bottle

Lie down and place a hot water bottle on your stomach, back or legs, whatever gives you the most relief.


If your back hurts during your period, massaging it with eucalyptus oil can be very effective. Similarly, massaging your back, stomach, legs or any body part that hurts with a lotion that contains chamomile or with evening primrose oil can be very effective. Do not massage yourself with evening primrose oil when pregnant though.


The Pill may be a good birth control option for women suffering from severe menstrual cramps, as women on the pill rarely suffer from cramps. But when you get off the pill the cramps return with the same intensity as earlier.


Cut down your caffeine intake. Too much caffeine can aggravate not just menstrual cramping, but also menopausal hot flashes. And remember, caffeine is not found only in coffee but also in chocolate, black and green tea and many soft drinks.


Soak yourself in a warm bath for around fifteen minutes. If you don't have the time to do this, when you do shower, make sure you shower with warm water. Avoid taking a cold shower, as it will aggravate the pain. Similarly, some women report having severe cramps on days they washed their hair so avoid washing your hair on the days of your period that are the most painful for you.


If you are susceptible to urinary infections, don't have sex during your period. The cervix - the opening to the uterus, widens during menstruation, to help blood and uterine tissue flow out. This widening leaves the uterus more vulnerable to infection.

Do you suffer from cramps before your period? What kind of PMS symptoms do you get? How can one alleviate pain from menstrual cramps and PMS? Discuss here.

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Nysa.10 years ago
very well written.
Tamika.10 years ago
the article is very helpful. i have been getting a lot more caffeine in my diet lately and am having worse cramps. i tried other sites but this one was the best so far.
Amber.10 years ago
this helped me alot. i do however have a question. i have been on the pill for about 5 years (for cramps, they were horrible before)and my husband and i have been married 3 years and want to have a baby but, i am afraid if i get off the pill the cramps will came back. what do i do. i am speaking to the doc in the morning but, i was just wondering if anyone else has been in this situation. thanks amber
Jess.10 years ago
well, good to know that several of the components of my life make me suffer! *sigh*, no more coffee..and i better start exercising
barbara.10 years ago
thany you!
very useful information expecially the info about caffeine.
i took some chast berry and it really seemed to do wonders
Butter.10 years ago
avoiding caffine really helped me. now i can exercise and be pain free!!!
Marissa M.
Marissa M..10 years ago
try eating green veggies and life will be sooooooo muck easier!!! by the way, cheese is also good!!!!!!!!! auf wiedersehen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GHT.10 years ago
think meditation!! this will also relieve the horrible cramps we all get but hey try your best and you will live those awful days every month. also just think,every girl has them so do not worry. it isn't just you! bye y'all!!
jasmine.10 years ago
this is more of a question,i recently underwent d&c abortion.when will i start ovulationg again??and when will my normal menstrual cycle return? thnx in advance for answers.
Jennifer Simmons
Jennifer Simmons.10 years ago
the best thing is tylenol
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