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You are here : home > Manners and Discipline > Chores and Housework > How to Involve Children in Household Chores

How to Involve Children in Household Chores

It is possible to help children imbibe the sense of responsibility if parents involve them in household chores. Let us have a look at some tips for involving children in household chores.

Children learn about their family relationships and functions in many ways. Involving children in household chores is one of the best ways to make them familiar with things related to your family. Another important point is that children will feel capable and responsible in this way.

Sharing household responsibility will minimise your stress and help you complete routine work faster. This will ultimately give you more quality time to spend with family. Involving kids in household chores helps in strengthening family bonding and helps it work better too. They get stronger feeling of responsibility, self-reliance and self-worth which help them throughout their lives.

Tips on How to Involve Kids in Household Chores

Have a quick look at the tips for involving kids in household chores.

Discuss Your Child’s Tasks -

Sit down with your child and discuss what the things are that he would like to do. At the same time, you should also discuss about the activities that have to be done so that the house stays organised.

Make your child understand that doing household chores is a way to share the responsibility. Make him realise that every member of the family contributes to make and organise home.

Make a List of Tasks to Be Assigned -

Make a list of the chores that are age appropriate and safe for your child to do. Make sure that the chores are manageable for your child and he also gets enough time for study and play.

Create the list in writing. Make the chart accessible for the child and others by keeping it in a central location. The list should also include the share of responsibilities by other family members. You can allow your child to decorate the list as he likes. Remember, his active participation in making the list shows that he is interested in helping you.

Keep a Check on Your Child’s Progress -

Check in from time to time and test out your child’s progress. Make sure the chores you have chosen for him are appropriate. If you need to make some changes, go ahead. You can rotate responsibilities or add some so that your child is saved from getting bored.

Reward Your Child -

Reward your child and appreciate his work from time to time. If your child completes the work within the time frame and efficiently, you should reward him in some form. Just keep in mind that the reward does not look like bribe.

Parents Assign Household Chores to Help Them

  • Learn Responsibility –

    It is believed that doing things in routine pattern helps making a person stay organised and disciplined throughout his life.
  • Contribute –

    Children learn to contribute in activities good for keeping family and home organised. They learn to share work pressure and relieve you from stress.
  • Learn and Get Talented –

    Children learn to keep their room and home clean. They also learn to cook, look after pets, garden and such things of significance in everyday life.

Usually parents do not sign chores to children because they think that childhood is to play, he should give priority to schoolwork, it is easier to do the job themselves and some parents find that children do not work according to them. There are many ways to do a work and so unless it is of any harm, you should appreciate it.

Involving children in household activities helps develop positive skills like helping, sharing and showing care and concern for others. Always keep in mind that appreciation and motivation are very important and get children feel imperative too. Make choice that work for your family and seeing the interest you can make the chores challenging also.

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anonymous.8 years ago
Patrick.9 years ago
the ideas presented in this article are very practical and helpful and can lay a solid foundation for good character in any child .
Kwatra Shah
Kwatra Shah.9 years ago
my daughter is 8 years old , she helps me sometimes in folding clothes, keeping the dishes in place and also she makes yummy lemonade....
Shaveta Talwar
Shaveta Talwar.9 years ago
i believe in giving little chores for the kids just to give them some responsiblity. i make a chore chart and assign small chores like folding the laundry,arranging the shoe rack,dusting etc.i make pretty printouts and put it on the fridge magnets and ask them to sign once they have finished the work.
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